Used Vehicles with Peace of Mind

Our Paxster Second-Drive Used programme gives you the peace of mind that comes from a comprehensive Paxster Vehicle Warranty, as well as the reassurance that trained and qualified experts have performed extensive checks to guarantee it’s ready to hit the road. When you need an affordable way to keep you on the move, without compromising on quality, we’ll work with you to find what you need.


Approved used benefits

12 month vehicle warranty*

Our commitment to you doesn't end when you purchase your vehicle. All Approved Used vehicles come with a comprehensive warranty that protects the investment that you've made in your vehicle.

24 month battery warranty*

To give you further peace of mind, all approved used vehicles comes with a comprehensive battery warranty that got you covered in case of a battery malfunction.

12 month maintenance free*

To make your life easier, we have already completed the first maintenance service.

More benefits

* 12 months warranty up to 15.000 km. 24 months battery warranty up to 30.000 km. Country-specific warranty conditions apply. 12 months maintenance-free operation up to 10.000 km.

Considering a used vehicle?


The vehicles in the Second-drive programme are essentially selected returns from Paxster’s own short term and long term rental fleets or repurchased vehicles. These vehicles were regularly serviced by Paxster service technicians during their initial use. The seamless vehicle and service history and careful inspection when the vehicle is returned mean that Paxster only selects the very best vehicles for the Second-Drive programme.

This equipment is then remanufactured based our highest quality standard and labelled with the ‘Approved by Paxster’ seal of quality. This quality seal is an international standard, which guarantees that the Approved used vehicle supplied by Paxster always comply with the same high performance requirements. This ensures that buyers can always rely on the same high product quality wherever they buy an Approved vehicle from Paxster.

Comprehensive Reconditioning

When a vehicle has completed its initial use, the vehicle ownership is transferred to Paxster AS. The vehicle is then transported to the nearest refurbishment center were the process begins.

Paxster currently operate two refurbishment centers, in Hamburg, Germany and Sarpsborg, Norway.

Following strict factory standards, a qualified engineer carries out a meticulous examination to identify areas of the vehicle and components requiring attention.

A large number of components are either replaced, upgraded or repaired / reconditioned. We only use original spare parts in the remanufacturing process. 

The remanufacturing process is designed to meet quality and appearance standards that guarantees you a vehicle which looks, feels and operates similar to our new vehicles. 

To ensure safe and reliable EV operation, the battery and charger is carefully inspected against new production standards. As part of the inspection process, we run a full diagnostics and usage history check, including a capacity test. The inspection is completed with a battery report that follows the vehicle. 

All vehicles are cleaned and polished to ensure a near perfect visual appearance.  

At this stage, we also place new decals and “the seal of quality” as provided by the Paxster Second Drive programme. 

All vehicles undergo the same quality assurance process as our new vehicles, including test drives by qualified personnell. 


Approved Accessories

There is a comprehensive selection of accessories you can add to your used vehicle. Hot-grips, reversing camera, wind-deflectors and more.  Connected solutions with PaxsterConnect. All accessories come with our seal of approval for quality, and many also include a two year warranty.

Reversing Camera

High-Performance Twin-LED

Returning a vehicle?

Use this form to submit a return vehicle request. One of our team members will be in contact with you shortly.