In our brand new refurbishment center we are taking used vehicles and re-manufacture them, transforming them into “as-good-as-new” Paxsters, using a mix of refurbished and new parts. 

The rejuvenated vehicles meets up-to-date safety, reliability and appearance standards, are fitted with the latest connectivity features and backed by a solid pan-European warranty.

If you are in the market for a Paxster, but don’t have the budget to buy a brand-new vehicle, 2ndDrive is the perfect choice. In addition, it is a strong demonstration of your sustainable awareness. 

Choose from our stock of pre-configured vehicles or configure your own, just like a new one.


You will find inspiring customers in a wide range of applications. They are using 2ndDrive vehicles as an integral part of their daily worklife. 


You will find inspiring customers in a wide range of applications. They are using 2ndDrive vehicles as an integral part of their daily worklife. 


Vehicles accepted for the 2ndDrive program usually have between 4 to 6 years in service prior. All vehicles are regularly serviced by authorized technicians throughout their first use. 

Between 2015 and 2020 we manufactured Delivery 1000L and Cargo 1250L vehicles on the same technical platform (Gen 2.0), although with several improvements throughout its production life. In 2021 our new-production vehicles received a major upgrade (Gen 2.2.)

That means we primarily sell Gen 2.0. based 2ndDrive vehicles untill 2025.


All vehicles are upgraded and re-built to the latest technical specifications, performance- and appearance standards.

  • Top speed: 45km/h
  • Seating position: Center
  • Delivery: Total of 1000L
  • Cargo: Total of 1250L
  • Payload: 240 kg

Battery & Range

  • Battery type: Fixed
  • Chemistry: LiFePo4
  • Voltage: 48V
  • Battery options: 8.1 or 9.2 kWh*
  • 8.1 kWh Battery range: 85km when new
  • 9.2 kWh Battery range: 100km when new
  • Battery protection: BMS


  • Charger: Separate charger. Can be wall mounted. 
  • Voltage: 10-230V
  • Max power draw: 6A @ 230V
  • Charging time: 5-10 hrs
  • Outdoor charging: Yes
  • Below zero charging: Integrated battery heater

*Batteries are reconditioned and released for production only if they pass thorough inspections and have a minimum state-of-health @ 80% or more. Since we reuse the original batteries, availability may impact lead-time. Each vehicle is supplied with its own unique test certificate.

  • Motor: 3-phase PMAC
  • Maximum power: 6kW
  • Torque: 380Nm
  • Energy consumption: 80-110 Wh/km
  • Transmission: Fixed reduction gear 1:10
  • Differential: Open
  • Final transmission type: Splined shaft
  • Hill-starting ability at max load: 18%
  • Maximum noise: 65dB
  • Regenerative brake: Active on lever activation and Passive on throttle pull-back
  • Front: Right-hand side lever, hydraulic disc brake with sinter pads
  • Rear: Left-hand side lever, hydraulic disc brake with sinter pads
  • Fluid: 4 +
  • Park brake: Mechanical, manual
  • Secondary park brake: Hydraulic, thumb lever activated

Note that new vehicles offer automatic parking brake features and have a different pedal-operated brake system.

  • Driven axles: Rear wheel drive
  • Wheel dimension: 145 or 155/70 R13

Vehicles are normally sold with the same tires as when received, subject to passing our quality control. As standard we sell vehicles on steel rims.

Customers can upgrade their order with new summer and/or winter tires (with or without stud) and aluminum rims.

  • Steering type: Ackermann-design
  • Steering input: Handlebar
  • Minimum turning radius: 3.2 meters
  • Front suspension: Dual A-arm w. coil-over shock absorbers
  • Rear suspension: Trailing-arm design w. coil-over shock absorbers

All systems are carefully refurbished, upgraded with new components and repainted for maximum life expectancy.

  • Headlamps: LED
  • Taillamps: LED

Several additional lighting accessories are available. See the accessories section for more information.

  • Standard color: Solid White – RAL9003
  • Material: UV resistant ABS plastic

During the upgrade process, we install new body and floor panels for a perfect finish. Be advised that we re-use the windscreen and some smaller surface panels inside the cabin. Some natural wear must be expected. 

  • Chassis: Steel
  • Corrosion treatment: Zink-manganese
  • Paint: Powder-coat, black

During manufacturing, we strip the chassis and remove old paint to check for wear. Each chassis is then re-painted and receives a new anti-corrosion treatment.

Cab / Comfort

  • De-icer type: Laminated, integrated into windscreen
  • Heated grips: Optional
  • Adjustable saddle seat: Standard
  • Sunscreen: Standard
  • Windscreen wiper and washer:
  • Washer tank volume:1 liter
  • Drive mode selector: Winter / Eco / Power
  • AUX power: 12V / 5A
  • Speedometer: kmh/mph

Safety & security:

  • Seat belt type: 3-point
  • Immobilizer switch on seat: Activates parking brake
  • Hazzard lights: Standard
  • Horn: Standard
  • Reverse buzzer: Standard
  • Electric lock on cargo box: Optional
  • Electric lock on front loader: Optional
  • Rearview camera: Optional
  • Remote ignition/lock key-fob: Optional

Be advised that vehicles manufactured between 2015 and 2019 don’t have seat belts as standard. Paxster can retro-fit seat belts for an additional cost.


  • Heated grips: The grips are manufactured by one of the leading, premium hot grip makers, Oxford.
  • Wool seat cover: Fully fashioned seat cover made of 100% wool for optimal ride comfort during winter. The seat cover is easy to take on/off and is machine washable.
  • Wind deflectors: Spoilers along each side of the windscreen guide wind streams away from the driver compartment.
  • Reverse camera: When pushing the reverse button, the 7″ monitor will instantly provide you with a high-definition, 170-degree wide-angle overview of what’s behind your vehicle.
  • Key-less: Forget about manual keys. With the push of a button, you control ignition and door locks around the vehicle. This significantly increases security and makes operating the vehicle easier.
  • Interior light: Shine a light on any cargo stored in the front section of the Paxster with our roof-mounted cabin lamp.
  • Cargo box light: Creates a pleasant and practical illumination of the rear box. Turns on/off according to the door position.

Vehicles manufactured before 2019 were manufactured without safety seatbelts. Depending on what models vehicles we have in stock, this can be retro-fitted at an additional fee. Ask us about what vehicles we currently have in stock.

See all about Paxster Connect here.


Our Northern star guides the entire process of creating these great vehicles, giving you ultimate peace of mind. Every vehicle leaving our refurbishment center is certified according to the high demands of our Northern star quality standard.

Every Paxster is certified to the latest standards of appropriate safety regulations and homologation requirements.

Our innovative remanufacturing process leaves no detail to chance. Factory engineers ensure that every single technical component of the vehicle functions as intended, allowing it to operate at full capacity.

Buying a 2ndDrive vehicle feels almost like buying a new one. After our engineers have cleaned, re-painted, and/or replaced much of the vehicle’s visual surfaces, it results in a near 100% flawless visual appearance. 

Paxster is one of few companies that go beyond the traditional “approved” or “certified pre-used” concepts, and operate an advanced logistics and remanufacturing process. Engineers with cutting-edge experience completely disassemble each vehicle and exchange or refurbish every part or component. Reassembly is done in strict compliance with our new vehicle production system and gives our customers peace of mind when buying second-hand. 

Most of our customers have environmental goals or guidelines. And while acquiring any Paxster vehicle is a strong demonstration of environmental commitment, it is good to know that a 2ndDrive vehicle reduces the consumption of energy and resources by more than 70% compared to a new vehicle. Beeing ISO 14001 certified, we guarantee that any used or unsalvageable material is disposed of in an environmtally friendly manner.  


We are so convinced of the quality and performance of our 2ndDrive program, that every single vehicle is remanufactured and delivered with a full 12-month commercial use warranty and a 24-month Li-Ion battery warranty with unlimited milage. 


The process of making a 2ndDrive vehicle is a detailed and comprehensive one. No single component is left untouched. Read below to get a glimpse of how we rejuvenate these great vehicles.

We continuously offer our customers buy-back agreements on selected vehicles. Vehicles that are accepted complies with the following standard:

  • Years in service: Between 4-6 years old.
  • Maintenance history: Full history by trained and authorized mechanics.
  • Condition: No structural damages. Pass on pre-purchase 50-point inspection.
  • Location: Europe – owned by Paxster new vehicle customers.
  • Deep cleaning: Before the vehicle enters our refurbishment center, it undergoes a thorough cleaning process to remove dirt and particles. This allows us to perform the next step with the required precision and avoid contamination in a clean production line.
  • Inbound inspection: Production always begins with inbound inspection to verify the vehicles refurbishment- and upgrade need to comply with the latest specifications.
  • Full disassembly: On the two first line stations, the vehicle is completely disassembled down to the smallest nuts and bolts. Some components will always be replaced with new ones and are sent to recycling. The rest go into a detailed inspection.
  • Component GO/NO-GO inspection: After disassembly, all remaining 1.300 components that make up a Paxster vehicle is carefully inspected, tested and categorized for further processing.
  • Chassis: The old paint is removed, and the frame is inspected by our metallurgists. After inspection, the frame receives a new coat of paint and anti-corrosion treatment.
  • Battery: Batteries are opened and inspected for damages or wear. We clean and reconnect all battery connection points before performing two individual load-cycle tests to determine final capacity rating. A battery test certificate is issued with each battery.
  • Suspension: The suspension arms are sand blasted and receives a new coat of paint, before being fitted with upgraded bearings and joints. A new set of steering links are installed.
  • Axle and gear: The rear axle are sand blasted and receives a new coat of paint. The reduction gear house and components receive an internal cleaning and inspection. Worn parts are replaced, and the axle is refilled with new oil.
  • Windshield: We clean and polish the windscreen to remove as much as possible of previous wear marks.
  • Brake system: New discs and pads are installed. Calipers are disassembled, cleaned and lubricated to ensure optimal stopping performance. The entire brake system receives new brake fluid.
  • Storage box: The rear storage box is replaced with a new version, depending on which model we are building (Cargo or Delivery).
  • Body panels: All body panels, roof panels and floor panels are replaced with new ones. This ensures a near 100% perfect visual appearance.
  • Unsalvageable parts: Parts that will not pass our strict safety, reliability and appearance standards with cleaning and refurbishment are replaced with new parts. Old parts are recycled.

When all the components are ready for re-assembly, the vehicle begin its journey down our new production line. Specialists gradually build a “new” vehicle from used, refurbished and new parts – step by step.


Assembly follows the same methodology and quality process as our new vehicle production line.

  • 100-point inspection: Once the vehicle reach end-of-line, a qualified engineer completes a 100-point multi-inspection checklist to verify the quality of workmanship.
  • Test drive: The vehicle is taken for a standard test drive to verify performance against set standards.
  • Documentation: All documentation is recorded and compiled in our database, ready to be shared with your local dealer or service technician. The warranty terms are updated.


  • Prices indicate the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price. Local charges and fees may apply. Please consult your local dealer for exact price information.
  • Various finance options, including loan and leasing may be available in your country. Please consult your local dealer for more information.

Provided we have used vehicles available, lead time will vary with the current order situation and local availability in your country.

  • Pre-built vehicles: These are vehicles we have in stock, ready for shipment. Vehicles can be shipped to any of our local dealers, in the available countries.
  • Configure your own: As per order confirmation. Usually between 2-6 weeks.

Paxster or Paxster represented by local/national dealers will help fleet customers with tailored delivery plans and offers. Ask us about 2ndDrive fleet options

Dealers in available countries (NO, SE, DE, ES&PT, UK, NL) may have pre-built vehicles in stock. Vehicles located in NO can be shipped to available countries.

Vehicles originally manufactured prior to 01.01.2019 were not fitted with seat belts, and are subject to helmet requirements. Thus some vehicles may require helmet use.

Paxster can retro fit seat belts to avoid the helmet requirement for an additional charge (see configurator above). Local approvals may apply. Ask your dealer.

Ask your dealer if they have vehicles available for test drives.

List of dealers here