Our award-winning vehicle has defined a new norm for delivery vehicles. Beeing truly designed for the working human provide for a great workplace and above-average productivity gains. We always work towards giving our customers a real competitive advantage through their fleet, using the deep knowledge, modern technology and a can-do attitude. 

Over time, Paxster has become a reputable provider of last mile delivery solutions, trusted by leading brands such as DHL Express, DPD, Post Norway, NZ Post, and many more. 

Are you ready to join us on our journey towards a better tomorrow?


We live in a time where cities become denser, traffic jams are increasing, commercial vans are under-utilized, air quality worsens, energy grids are overloaded, energy prices are booming, and natural resources are gradually becoming scarce. This tells us that switching the conventional diesel van for an electric alternative simply won’t be enough. As both organizations and consumers, we collectively need to consume less energy, less space, and less natural resources to combat the global climate challenges, but also to make cities and local communities viable in the future.

With a logistical solution from Paxster, you will become effective in space, energy consumption, use of natural resources, and not but least, time. That means our customers do more, with less, making their business both environmentally and economically sustainable.