Say hello to all new, all electric Paxster Cargo. 



Say hello to all new, all electric Paxster Cargo. 


With our latest 2020 models, you can cut costs above merely switching to a traditional EV. And our new platform requires minimal maintenance and attention, while having become extremely reliable and durable.


Zero emissions. Zero noise. Best in class power consumption of only 80wh/km, that is less than half of a light electric van. And manufactured in Norway with clean energy. It doesnt get any better.


It is no longer a statement, but a tested and verified truth. Our customers save between 15 % - 40 % of their time when switching to the purpose-built Paxster in last-mile. That is why we are still here. Let us help you achive the same!


Our drivers love their vehicles, just ask them! And so doe sthe public. Our models are built with the working human in mind to reduce strains, un-ergonomic movements and unessecary tasks. And designed to catch peoples attention.

Future-proof urban mobility solutions

Our vehicles and team of industry experts help you get the job done in the most productive way possible. With us, you are prepared to thrive in the new world of urban distribution.

You're in good company.

We are proud of our customers and the great results they achieve! We work closely together in order to create maximum value, all the way from early trials to comissioning and aftersales follow-up. You are in good company with some of the worlds leading companies.

Who are we?

From our headquarters in Norway, we design and manufacture some of the worlds best electric vehicles for urban mobility and last-mile. We follow the typical Scandinavian style with simplicty and functionality, focusing on what is important for the job, keeping everything else at a minimum. But we are so much more than that. From years of experience working with leading customers, unions, importers and legislators, we are a knowledgeable partner with a glowing interest in your success. Productivity. Employees. Bottom line. Only then can we make a real impact on what ultimately matters the most. Our planet.