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A part of the HTS group

The history goes all the way back to 1919, when Ludvig Andreas Thorgersen started to produce saddles. Wich later led to upholsteries, car-seats for kids, ski boxes, and accessories for vans. Just to mention some things. Loyds became a part of the HTS group in 1994, and after a couple of decades, they developed Paxster; the only electric vehicle currently manufactured in Norway!

"We will contribute to a better world for next generations by accelerating sustainable logistic solutions in smart cities."

Our history

Paxster arose as a result of a long-term collaboration with Norway Post (Posten Norge). For several years, Loyds had supplied partitions and facilities for their cars, and it was when they announced their ambitious environmental goals, that the process of mapping how all their vehicles worked started. Together with Norway Post, we found several things about the solutions they had, which were inefficient and profitable. We were met with divided options in Norway Post, some were enthusiastic and some skeptical. But in the end, we got approval to go ahead and work on defining the best ergonomic solutions, together with the drivers theirselves.

After a few intense months, the first prototype was ready. In the time ahead, we worked closely with Norway Post to test and adapt the vehicle to become the vehicle of the future for the delivery of mail, parcels, and newspapers.

We were so lucky to get Eker Design to design the vehicle and make the Paxster an icon that was easily recognizable in addition to a modern look. This led to us winning both the «Award for good design» and the «Honorary award for Good design» in 2013. In the autumn the same year, Paxster was put into production for the Norwegian market.

On July 1st 2015 Paxster was transferred to a separate AS, and over time we have sold Paxster to many countries around the world and built our own service teams.  We are constantly working hard to develop our vehicles to be the best in class when it comes to efficiency, ergonomics, and safety.

Who are we?

The Paxster People

We are passionate, responsible and professional about our work and we are constantly evolving to achive our goals and create a great place to work. If you have any questions for us, or are just curious of who we are, you’re welcome to meet the team.

Do you want to join the team?

We are growing! This industrial fairytale we’re a part of need great people to succeed! Do you want a career at Paxster? If so, we would love to hear from you! Check out our open vacancies or send us an open application


Honours award for Good Design

Together with Eker design we won the Honorary award, the most generous award, from Norsk designråd in 2013.

Award for Good Design

Together with Eker design we won the award for Good Design from Norsk designråd in 2013.


using less energy

During operation, our products have ZERO emissions to air. This significantly reduces air pollution in the local environment.

Manufactured in norway

98% of our energy is derived from renewable sources, such as hydropower and wind. With only 20g Co2/KwH, Norway is among the world leaders in green energy!

Less emissions

A Paxster has much lower consumption of watt hours per km than similar electric cars or vans. Small vehicles also mean less noise.

ISO-14001 & 9001 APPROVED

Beeing ISO-14001 and 9001 approved, environmental considerations are made in every action we make.