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Paxster XL 2000L

total range up to 110 km

Technical details


Load capacity

The bigger the better, or?

The interest for the bigger Paxster XL is great and we, as the manufacturer is of course happy about this, but is volume always king?

The first thought is often that small micro logistics vehicles don’t have enough volume and that there’s a need for more space. We experience that “best in class” operators who look at how they can optimize the entire fleet mix and not just choose a 1: 1 replacement, are improving labour productivity by as much as 25%.   

For these operators, focus has been on optimizing their toolbox by using the right tool for the right job. The success factors have proven to be to separate small parcels – about 80% of the total parcel volume – from the bigger and distribute these small parcels with smaller, more agile vehicles to optimize efficiency. The bigger parcels are distributed with larger vehicles with fewer stops. 

We experience that the operators realize that micro vehicles such as the Paxster Cargo (1,2m3) have more than enough space, in relation to the work hours available for a delivery agent during a workday. Volume and payload must never be mistaken for productivity. They are usually direct opposites.

Learn from the best-in-class operators

In the blog posts below we have shared our insights and findings on how the best-in-class operators in the last mile industy are optimising their postal fleet and what they have learned on the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have established distribution of our vehicles in the following countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • Norway
  • Sweeden
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Netherland

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Outside these countries, we support larger fleet accounts. 

All our models are street legal in EU. 

  1. Configure your ideal model in our CONFIGURATOR.
  2. Request a non-binding quote for your configuration. 
  3. Discuss your offer with a sales representative from Paxster
  4. Handover. Lean back and wait for your vehicle to arrive. 


Note: If you indicate a fleet purchase in the configurator, a Fleets-department representative will get in touch with you.

Please consult our vehicle configurator for correct and up-to-date pricing in your country.

To book a test-drive, go HERE and submit the “Request a test drive” form.

All models are manufactured at our Norwegian plant located in Sarpsborg – about 1hr south of Oslo. 

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