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Paxster delivery 1000L

Technical details


Load capacity

RAnge and charging

Choose from three different batteries.

Standard Range

Realistic range of 45-65 km in city driving.

Extended Range

Realistic range of 50-85 km in city driving.

Long Range

Realistic range of 70-100 km in city driving.

Service and maintenance

Having your Paxster serviced should be as effortless as working with one. Our service network (EU) ensures assistance is always within reach. We work hard to minimize your inconvenience. 

7 points where everyone is wrong

“It looks cold! It’s too slow! I will never get my posties to change from a car/van to a Paxster!” We answer 7 common concerns when considering Paxster as part of your fleet.  

Charging calculator

Frequently Asked Questions

We have established distribution of our vehicles in the following countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • Norway
  • Sweeden
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Netherland

Outside these countries, we support larger fleet accounts. 

All our models are street legal in EU. 

  1. Configure your ideal model in our CONFIGURATOR.
  2. Request a non-binding quote for your configuration. 
  3. Discuss your offer with a sales representative from Paxster
  4. Handover. Lean back and wait for your vehicle to arrive. 


Note: If you indicate a fleet purchase in the configurator, a Fleets-department representative will get in touch with you.

Please consult our vehicle configurator for correct and up-to-date pricing in your country.

To book a test-drive, go HERE and submit the “Request a test drive” form.

All models are manufactured at our Norwegian plant located in Sarpsborg – about 1hr south of Oslo. 

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