Paxster number 3000 has rolled out!

As the largest vehicle manufacturer in Norway, it is with great pride that a milestone has been reached when vehicle number 3000 has rolled out of Paxster's production line in Borgenhaugen.
paxster number 3000 is manifactured

We are proud that our Paxtser-team has managed to establish a Norwegian vehicle production company that aims for new heights in emission-free urban logistics, around the world.

A Norwegian vehicle manufacturer with a global vision

At Paxster we go to work every day to make the world a better place for the next generations. We are at the forefront when it comes to innovative sustainable solutions and, in addition to electric logistics vehicles, we also have a wide range of digital logistics optimization solutions, as well as the fact that we have established a circular production line, called 2nd Drive. Through an industrial upgrading process vehicles that have been on the road for 4-6 years, get a new life with other buyer groups, by recycling up to 97%. This is what we call sustainability in practice – the Paxster Way, says Production Manager 2nd Drive, Noah Klevmoen.

paxster team celebrating paxster number 3000
The Paxster team at the celebration!

With this, our Paxster – team shows that they are a leading international player in the growing market for urban logistics. Through strongly increasing production, quality products and innovative sustainable solutions, we will strengthen our international market position and continue our high credibility towards customers in the last mile segment.

Ola Stormorken, CEO at Paxster AS
paxster number 3000 ceo ola stormorken
Ola Stormorken, CEO

Brand new model Paxster XL launching this fall

At Paxster we also have several exciting new products in the pipeline, including launching an XL version of the original vehicle in Q4. The possibilities of use for Paxster are then expanded by being able to offer a payload of over 400 kg and the transport of consignments the size of a European pallet. This will be a real competitor to the EL vans in suburban areas, where the degree of filling per vehicle is significant.

Exciting times ahead for the whole Paxster team!

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