Paxster Second-Drive

The attention to detail given to every PSD vehicle really sets them apart as some of the very best examples available on the market. PSD vehicles provide customers with optimal value, and will endure years of demanding commercial use. 

PSD vehicles are essentially selected returns from Paxsters’ own short- or long-term leasing fleet. After 3-5 years in service, the unique, industrialized PSD re-manufacturing process provides these vehicles with renewed strength and energy to cope with demanding use for years to come. 

Similar to ordering a new vehicle, buying a remanufactured vehicle also gives you the advantage to select from a wide range of accessory products and upgrades, like a larger cargo box, reversing camera, or heated grips. Read more on standard equipment and accessories in our “PSD Specifications”- section (link at the bottom of the page”. 

Another highly appriciated feature is the ability to order your PSD vehicle with customizations through our Special Builds department. You may require a heated storage box, 3000w AC power outlet or automatic warning lamps. Let your imagination merge with our team of specialists to get the ideal tool for the job. 

Customer Benefits of PSD

Forget about “approved” or “certified pre-owned” vehicles. Each and every PSD vehicle leaving our refurbishment center in Norway and Germany has undergone an industrial remanufacturing process ensuring it meets the same high-quality standards as our new vehicles. Standards you can rely on. 

0. Safety

Every Paxster is certified to the latest standards of appropriate safety regulations and homologation requirements.

1. Fast Delivery

We continiously accept used vehicles that qualify for the PSD program. This gives us delivery times of down to 2 days from the time of placing the order. 

2. Performance

Our systematic remanufacturing process leaves no detail to chance. Factory engineers ensure that every technical component of the vehicle functions as intended, allowing it to operate at full capacity. 

3. Appearance

Buying a PSD vehicle should feel almost like buying a new one. After our engineers have cleaned, re-painted, and/or replaced much of the vehicle’s visual surfaces, it results in a near 100% flawless visual appearance. 

4. Reliability

Paxster is one of few companies that go beyond the traditional “approved” or “certified pre-used” concepts, and operate an advanced logistics and remanufacturing process. Engineers with cutting-edge experience completely disassemble each vehicle and exchange or refurbish every part or component. Reassembly is done in strict compliance with our new vehicle production system and gives our customers peace of mind when buying second-hand. 

5. Sustainability

Most of our customers have environmental goals or guidelines. And while acquiring any Paxster vehicle is a strong demonstration of environmental commitment, it is good to know that a PSD vehicle reduces the consumption of energy and resources by more than 70% compared to a new vehicle. Beeing ISO 14001 certified, we guarantee that any used or unsalvageable material is disposed of in an environmtally friendly manner.  

Benefits at a glance

Vehicle Inventory

PSD vehicles that are, quite literally, as good as new! Find your next PSD vehicle from our continuously updated stock-list. Looking to buy more than one? 

PSD Specifications

In order to achieve the highest quality, all PSD vehicles have identical equipment. Learn more about customization options, appearance standards, and vehicle specifications here. 

The PSD Process

All our PSD vehicles has undergone an industrial remanufacturing process, or as we call it; the Second-Drive process. A process that aim to improve safety, technology, durability and appearance. And it is a demonstration of our comittment towards climate change. 

PSD Warranty

The PSD promise gives you peace of mind. Thanks to our unique remanufacturing process, PSD vehicles come out “as-good-as-new”, with an optimized cost-benefit ratio. Confident that our vehicles will perform excellently for years to come, we offer industry-leading warranties for commercial use.