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It’s our duty to be a part of the acceleration of creating sustainable logistic solutions for the future in urban cities. The time with half-full vans and cars that take up space in the cityscape will soon be history. We must find good, sustainable solutions together in the industry to solve the challenges we face. It is important that both business, industry and politicians play together. The logistics solutions must be changed, and we must adapt for even more environmentally friendly solutions very soon. That’s why we go to work every day, we definitely want to be a part of this!

We will contribute to a better world for next generations by accelerating sustainable logistic solutions in smart cities.


Our promise to planet earth

Paxster wants to be a contributing party to the UNs Sustainability Goals. From day one our range of vehicles are designed with environmental impact and electric mobility in mind. Beeing 9001 approved, environmental considerations are made in every action we make. 

Manufactured in Norway - means clean energy

Beeing manufactured in Norway has its benefits to the environment! 98% of our energy is derived from renewable sources, such as hydropower and wind. With only 20g Co2/KwH, Norway is among the world leaders in green energy! 

We re-use our already sustainable vehicles!

Isn’t that the ultimate sustainability? Most of our customers have environmental goals or guidelines. And while acquiring any Paxster vehicle is a strong demonstration of environmental commitment, it is good to know that our re-used vehicles reduce the consumption of energy and resources by more than 70% compared to a new vehicle. Being 9001 certified, we also guarantee that any used or unsalvageable material is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Small vehicles - less emissions

Energy consumption is much lower if the vehicle is smaller and has less total weight. This means that a Paxster has much lower consumption of watt hours per km than similar electric cars or vans. This is especially beneficial in areas where there are a lot of starts and stops. Because the vehicle is small, volume components are also smaller, and sound is also noise. Small vehicles mean less noise.

Our vehicles are using less energy

During operation, our products have ZERO emissions to air. This significantly reduces air pollution in the local environment. And thanks to a highly efficient drivetrain, the Paxster creates no smells or noises during operation. Use our smart regenerative brakes to recycle energy while on the road. 

Less airborne dust

Airborne dust potentially comes from the exhaust itself, but also wear and tear on wheels and roads. A Paxster has no emissions at all. It’s the lightest four-wheeled distribution vehicle there is. The lighter, the less airborne dust. 

Small footprint

A footprint is more than just the size of the vehicle itself. Small vehicles are easier to park where other vehicles do not have the same opportunities. They can drive through a hallway door and into a mall to make deliveries. If necessary, they can also be stored indoors. Because the efficiency is higher than on other vehicles, small vehicles also use the precious space in the cities for a shorter period  than other vehicles.


Approximately 95% of the materials used to build and ship a Paxster are recyclable OR re-usable. As one example, the batteries can be re-used to store solar energy or as backup batteries in other applications. 

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