optimium solutions for your specific requirments

Special Build

Special Vehicle Builds

At Paxster, special builds represent the pinnacle of customer focus. The needs of our customers are as diverse as the sectors and industries themselves. If our industry-adapted solutions do not fit your specific requirements, you may benefit from a special build solution.


How we work together

Identify Solutions

We discuss your particular application needs and draw on our experience and knowledge to identify possible solutions to your specific requirements. We agree on a preliminary idea.

Design Proposal

Our engineers go to work and create a solution mock-up. It results in a design proposal that simplifies your decision-making process.


Once the solution has been locked in, highly skilled special-build engineers start building your solution. If needed, training and manuals are provided along with the vehicle.

Explore Ideas

Fire Department

Designed for industrial parks, large-scale productions sites, tunnel construction and local first response. 

Food & Beverage

A solution where the rear load space has been divided into two sections. One section is refrigerated and one section is heated. The solution ensures that the product arrives fresh to the customer. 

Hygienic interior

The entire interior is lined with stainless steel in order to transport raw food in zoos. The solution allows for easy cleaning and hygienic conditions. It also features a drain in the floor section.  

ALPR Technology

One-sided or two-sided ALPR camera technology, powered with electricity from the main traction battery and results displayed on a large iPad in front of the driver. 

Warning Lights

The client required a solution were warning lights automatically enabled when leaving the vehicle. Fitted with 8 powerful orange flashing LEDs around the vehicle, connected to the seat kill-switch makes for a highly visible vehicle. 

Mobile Power-Pack

Mobile rescue vehicle, with 3×2,5kW inverters allows for charging stranded EVs @ 40km per hour or power industrial equipment. It also allows for fast-charging at Type 2 stations.