Paxster Connect: Security

Real-time overview

The event panel provides a bird’s eye view of the fleet. You know exactly what is happening with your fleet at all times.

The card view displays open events for each event rule. The list view shows events as they occur in real-time. Filtered lists let you view specific dates or event rules.

Prioritized notifications

Notifications and alerts keep those in the office and those in the field updated at all times.

Operations centers can use pop-up notifications for important event rules like SOS or geofence violations. As soon as an event occurs, an operator can follow up with the driver.

Owners and managers can enable SMS and email alerts to stay updated on important events while out in the field.

Event drill-down

Drilling down to see more information in the system is easy. Operators can quickly see all of the details and follow up with the driver if an event occurs. You can see all open events for a vehicle or all open events for a specific event type.

Detailed event notes

Comments are easily added to events to document the situation – the protocol followed, any contact with the driver, and the driver’s explanation.

Along with the time and position data captured, this creates a detailed event record. You have the audit trails and traceability you need


Geofences define exactly where vehicles should travel to keep them safe. They can also mark scheduled routes and authorized stops, like warehouses, customers locations, and other ‘safe’ areas. 

With geofence+, you can modify the behaviour of the vehicle, such as setting a maximum allowable speed.