PSD Warranty

The PSD promise gives you peace of mind. Thanks to our unique remanufacturing process, PSD vehicles come out “as-good-as-new”, with an optimized cost-benefit ratio. Confident that our vehicles will perform excellently for years to come, we offer industry-leading warranties for commercial use. 

Behind every PSD vehicle are all the advantages, innovation, and reliability of a Paxster. When you buy a PSD you have the reassurance of knowing that all vehicles meet our meticulous standards before they reach the forecourt. It is a strict process that makes us confident in offering a comprehensive 2 year lithium-ion warranty and a 1 year vehicle warranty. 

12 months

Vehicle Warranty

24 months

Lithium-Ion Warranty

12 months

Maintenance free

Minimum 12 Months Vehicle Warranty

Every PSD vehicle comes with a pan-European manufacturer warranty for a minimum of 12 months. You can rest assured that if the unexpected happens, you will be protected. 

Minimum 24 Months Lithium-Ion Warranty

We know you want the reassurance of a functional battery when you purchase a used EV. That’s why we promise to replace any part of the battery within the battery warranty period. Please be advised that gradual capacity loss is expected, and a battery healt report (SOH) will be included in the sales document. 

12 Months Maintenance Free

We guarantee that each vehicle will have completed its annual interval service, including the rectification of any wear or abnormalities as part of the remanufacturing process.