Follow The PSD Journey

During the PSD- process, our certified engineers strip and rebuild the vehicles, replacing and/or refurbishing any parts which do not meet our production standards. Vehicles are then restored cosmetically, receiving new surfaces, paint, and stickers as needed.  During the entire process, each step is subject to strict quality controls.

STEP 1: Incoming Vehicles

When vehicles arrive the refurbishment center, their condition is determined by having a certified engineer perform a comprehensive 100+ point inspection checklist. The overall objective is to determine if the vehicle requires additional parts or processing beyond what is defined in the standard process. 

STEP 2: Disassembly and Cleaning

All vehicles then receive a full steam clean, front to back, inside and out. Engineers then continue the process by dismantling the vehicle. Worn out or unsalvagable parts and fluids are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. 

STEP 3: Remanufacturing

This is where the magic takes place. All the mechanical, electrical, and technical parts of the vehicle are either inspected, refurbished, or replaced/upgraded. We rework the drivetrain, including motor and reduction gears. The brake system gets a complete overhaul with new components and fluids. The Lithium-Ion battery is put through a capacity test and a SOH report is created to follow the vehicle. 

STEP 4: Assembly

The entire assembly process is guided by the most up-to-date standard operating procedures from our new vehicle assembly line, resulting in a vehicle that looks “as-good-as-new”. 

STEP 5: End-of-line Testing

Once the vehicle is complete from the assembly process, it undergoes the same strict quality control as our new vehicles. This includes a test-drive, EV-systems test and a multipoint inspection checklist similar to the one used in our new vehicle assmebly line.