Få en plass i køen

Er du klar til å ta skrittet videre og bli en stolt eier av en eCompact Recharge? Det er forståelig, dette er et produkt som vil gjøre hverdagen din enklere! Men husk, du kan når som helst ombestemme deg også. 

Vær blant de første til å sikre deg en plass i køen og levering i første produksjonsserie av eCompact Recharge, og få en utstyrspakke med lyktebøyle og Gripmax Mud Rage Mt dekk til en verdi av 15.000,- uten ekstra kostnad!

Alt du trenger å gjøre er å fylle ut skjemaet nedenfor. Etter at det er gjort, vil du motta en faktura på kr. 500,-. Når vi har mottatt betalingen din, får du en bekreftelse på din plass i køen levert rett til din epost.

Gjør deg klar til å bli en stolt eier av en eCompact Recharge, og vær trygg på at vi er her for å bistå og guide deg om du skulle ha noen spørsmål.


New side fenders and a rear body will give the vehicle a fresh look and make it far more resilient against minor damages.

Disclaimer: Photographs on our website are not displaying the new rear body. Subscribe to stay up to date when new photos become available.


When designing the vehicle, we decided to avoid traditional a-pillars in order to improve the driver’s vision. In Paxster, drivers have a full 200-degree field of vision that significantly adds to the intuitive and ergonomic operation of the vehicle. 


Paxster follows the safety directive for light- and heavy quadricycles. 

All our vehicles come equipped with a comfortable three-point seatbelt. Wearing a seatbelt significantly reduces operator risk and helps prevent the operator from falling out during operation. 

how to dress in an open vehicle not beeing cold


  • Paxster uses lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO), which is currently the safest cell chemistry. From an ecological point of view, it‘s non-toxic and harmless.
  • Our in-house developed battery management system ensures safe operation.
  • Our well-trained technicians take care of transport and disposal of lithium-ion batteries.


Minimum 2000 full cycles gives excellent service life, and Li-Ion technology provides constant performance during the battery life cycle


  • No maintenance or service needed. 
  • No need for special charging areas with ventilation.
  • No need for expensive charging infrastructure. 
  • No expensive battery-changing systems with their heavy drain on time and human resources.


  • Reliably high performance thanks to a more constant voltage curve than lead-acid batteries.
  • The increased efficiency in comparison with conventional technologies significantly reduces energy costs and CO2 emissions.
  • More efficient recuperation (energy retrieval when braking).


Powerful LED headlights provide drivers with a relaxed driving experience during dark hours of the day while also contributing to the vehicle’s character. 

Our LED headlights also significantly reduce power consumption. 


Paxster is equipped with a fully automatic parking brake system. No user interaction required. 

When the vehicle is at a stand-still, a powerful electromagnetic brake automatically engages. When twisting the throttle, it instantly disengages.


A Paxster driver can either use the foot pedal or brake lever to comfortably brake the vehicle. Both brake inputs are communicating with the SenseBrake system to maximize energy recovery.


In the world of last-mile delivery, frequent start and stops represent the normal driving pattern. That means we should reduce the use of traditional braking, and rely on regenerative brakes instead. 

A Paxster will sense the force you apply on any brake input (pedal or lever) and convert that force into regen braking action instead. This gives you increased range and decreased service costs – with no special attention needed from the driver. 


Using your index finger to press and hold the reverse button does a few things. 

  • Puts the vehicle in reverse
  • Activates the reverse buzzer
  • Activates the revering camera

Compares to a van, Paxsters physical size allows it to enter more driveways and narrow areas. Having an index-finger-operated reverse button makes going back-and-forth during turning much easier for drivers.


Our engineers have designed the battery module in a way that allows us to use it for optimizing the vehicle’s center of gravity. 

In fact, we achieved a staggering 43.5-degree balancing point. 


No need to change gear – just twist the throttle to power forward. 

When releasing the throttle, motor braking gently stops the vehicles’ forward motion while recovering energy back to the battery. If you don’t release the throttle all the way back, you will coast freely without any braking action.  

The throttle can be used similar to e-pedals in traditional cars. 


The traditional motorcycle handlebar design provide drivers with intuitive operating controls, and also makes turning in tight areas (i.e. driveways) quicker and more comfortable than compared to a steering wheel layout. 


For customers operating in regions with cold weather seasons, heated grips are a must-have. 

Oxford – perhaps the world’s best manufacturer of heated grips has designed a specific version just for the Paxster. 


Every Paxster comes equipped with a fully adjustable backrest with built-in lumbar support to increase riding comfort and prevent injuries. 


Since the Paxster is designed in a way that allows you to store a significant amount of cargo in the front, your arms are often full when you come back to the cargo box for more. 

The push-button is designed so that it can easily be pushed with an elbow or even your back. The doors open automatically so that you can easily access the cargo box. 


The handlebars can be angeled in a way that allows drivers of most sizes and shapes to find their ideal riding position. 

Finding the right handlebar angle not only increases your ride comfort, but it reduces strain on arms and shoulders signficantly. 



Ergonomic seating comes standard on Paxster vehicles. Drivers working 8-10 hours shifts are completing repetitive tasks on a daily basis. The seat must provide good riding comfort, durability and most importantly, support the driver in frequent tasks, such as getting in and out of the vehicle.

Over an extended period of time, a poorly designed seat can lead to increased strain on the driver. Strain leads to pain. Pain leads to injury. And injured employees lead to decreased productivity.


A driver’s office is the Paxster’s cabin. It’s the place where s/he spends some eight hours a day, so it’s essential that every aspect of the cab’s design – from the height of the step-in to the shape of the control levers – is considered if the operator is going to be kept comfortable, and therefore productive, throughout his or her shift.

The narrow and low floor construction enable drivers to step in and out quickly and with minimal efforts. The floor also provide drivers with comfortably angeled areas for resting feets while driving. 


At Paxster we’ve been focussing on how ergonomic design can boost driver comfort for more than 10 years. By keeping the operator at the center of our design thinking, we design vehicles that are truly made for the working human. A great example of that is how our cargo boxes are located in ideal lifting height. 

No bending or stretching required to place or collect cargo. 


Each Paxster is fitted with a driver sensor integrated into its saddle seat assembly. 

When the driver is not present, the sensor inhibits drive. The driver sensor also communicates with the automatic parking brake system, safeguarding the driver is sitting on the seat before releasing the brakes. 


In the field of vision, we have applied automotive standard safety glass to protect the driver. The safety glass has laminated sunscreening and heating elements to remove fog and ice. 

Outside the field of vision, we use a softer type of glass-coated polycarbonate plastic to protect pedestrians. For the vehicle body panels, we use ABS. 


Larger mirrors provide optimal visibility. In addition, with a reversing camera, you will have complete control when maneuvering the XL.


Spoilers along the edge of each side on the windscreen deflect wind away from the cabin, increasing ride comfort during winter time. 



We have always designed our vehicles for working humans, particularly the ergonomic cabin. As we introduce the XL, there will be less in/out compared to the traditional use of our smaller DELIVERY and CARGO models. So we introduced a comfortable seat to provide optimal ride comfort during longer rides.


The new XL cargo box gives you a significant increase in storage capacity compared to the smaller CARGO. For instance, you can easily fit a standard pallet. Here are some of the features to expect:

  • 1,8 m3 storage capacity
  • Two-blade, electrically operated door in the rear
  • Single-blade door on both sides for easy access
  • Flexible shelving options inside
  • Powerful interior LED lights
  • Hold-open feature on all doors
  • Central locking (optional)









With the simple press of a button, the entire vehicle comes to life. Controls ignition, front loader locking systems, and rear storage unit locks. 


Paxster CARGO models offer a full 270-degree door opening and are kept in place by strong magnets. 


Being a small and lightweight vehicle, we are using the basic structures to create a safe cabin with minimal deformation during frontal impacts.

The cargo box behind the driver, steering column, steering column support structure, chassis and front suspension all comes together to for safer environmental. 


Powerful LED worklights are available as an option to illuminate the surrounding area of your Paxster. 


LED strips on both sides provides you with an even illumination of the entire storage unit. Activates when doors are opened. 


A powerful, concetrated LED light gives you full overview in the front loader area at all times of the day. 


Paxster is designed with two lockable side pockets for storing personal items or cargo. 

The right-hand side pocket also holds the washer tank. 


Paxster is all about maximizing the available cargo space on a minimal footprint while maintaining the ability to join modern traffic. 

Paxster comes in two models, the CARGO (vehicle to the left) and DELIVERY (right). 


If you carry high-value goods, you can opt for the safe box. 

This gives you a spacious, safe and secure way of transporting valuable goods. 

Comes with integrated lights and audio warning when open. 


The front-loader is a handy feature that allows you to store goods safely and securely inside direct, ergonomic reach. 

A wide range of different racks and accessories are available to facilitate different types of cargo. 

The front loader area can carry 50kg.


Paxster provide customers with a recommended daily, weekly and monthly checklist to complement the annual preventive maintenance. 

In 2022, these checklists will be integrated into our Paxster Connect service, allowing you to have more control. Read more here.  


All Paxster customers are given free access to our online driver training and certification suite, covering everything from basic care and DIY maintenance to safe operation. 

Academy ends with a certification test and personal diploma.