Safety Belts & Seat Switch​

A full three-point safety belt and a rigid steel frame keep you safe in traffic. All vehicles are also equipped with an integrated kill-switch in the seat. 

Oxford Heated Grips

Cold hands do not have the same response time to an unexpected event. With our heated grips, your hands will always be warm, comfortable, and ready to react!

LED Lights

Optional: Our new powerful LED headlights provide optimal visibility in all weather conditions, allowing you to relax and focus on the job to be done.


Despite its small footprint, the vehicle delivers great stability. The large lithium-ion battery located close to the ground gives the vehicle a low center-of-gravity. 

Drive Modes

Shift your Paxster into Winter-Mode to improve traction and safety on slippery roads. Winter-mode automatically adjusts the level of regenerative braking force applied. 


A large windscreen with an integrated defroster, larger rear-view mirrors, and open sides gives you an unbeatable full side-to-side overview of your surroundings. 

Reversing Camera & Buzzer

Enjoy safety and reassurance when reversing your Paxster. Our large 8″ screen provides a full overview when reversing your vehicle. 

Powerful Brakes

A new, powerful brake system delivers peak stopping performance, year after year. For your safety and bottom line. 

Services aimed at driver welfare


All customers of Paxster get access to a free on-line training course and exam. This safeguards that all drivers know the safety features of their vehicle, and how to drive it correctly. After passing, you can download a personal diploma. 


Connect HSE Module

Optional: Driver behavior, man-down alerts, on-board panic button, collision detection with alarm-central notifications and more. Enjoy a full safety suite to maintain full compliance. 



Configure you Paxster

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