Paxster Cargo

Future proof urban delivery and mobility vehicle for demanding customers. 

Kph top speed
Liter volume
Kg payload
1 +
Km range

Re-thinking the delivery van.

According to Pitney Bowes, more than 290M parcels were beeing delivered each day in 2018. 40% of all parcels are smaller than a shoebox and more than 30% are single deliveries to individual addresses. With the recent pandemic…

only adding to the allready growth, significant changes must be made in order to meet the demands of future cities, consumers and businesses. Paxster Cargo is the result of joint efforts between Paxster and some of the worlds leading delivery companies view on the future or urban (and suburban) delivery. 

1 %

Customers tell us that they achieve between 25% and 50% productivity improvements. Let us help you achieve the same. 

1 %

They also tell us that sick-leave rates drop significantly on Paxster drivers. And that drivers love their workplace. 

The pressure is on.

Physical footprint is important. We simply don’t have space for all the vehicles in our modern cities. 70million cars were manufactured in 2014, requiring more than 112.000 football fields. More than 50% of us are living in cities, and increasing. 

On average, cars are parked 95% of the time. If this continues, the worlds 4400 major cities will need to build parking spaces equal to 10 football fields each, per year. The UN Sustainability goals will be more important than ever for micro-delivery, logistics and urban mobility. With Paxster, you are prepared to meet these changes. 

Where does it fit in?

Paxster is typically used to replace the traditional van. 

What's your business?

No two companies are similar. Wether you are delivering newspapers, parcels, post, high-value goods, foods, groceries or other items – we got you covered with our wide range of standard accessories for storage boxes, front racks and cargo-addons. If you require something special, our Special Build-service will ensure your every need is met. 


Top Speed



Max. Range


L6e-BU / L7e-CU

45kmh / 60kmh

2365 x 1180 x 1860

240 kg (50 / 290)

100km realistic


Charging time

Charging plug





Maximum 5 – 10h

Type 1 (Type 2 available)

380 Nm

6 kW / 7.48 kW

145/70 R13


Technical Specifications

We have made a handy pdf download containing all the specifications of our vehicles. 

Confidence to go everywhere.

Choose from our range of high-energy batteries, with capacities up to 9.2kWh. We only state realistic ranges that you can expect from the vehicle under common opertation conditions, including winter temperatures. With our batteries, you will have confidence to go further! 

  • 5.1kWh – 50km
  • 8.2kWh – 85km
  • 9.2kWh – 100km

Since the charger is onboard, you dont need to invest in costly wallbox installations. Charge directly from the mains-socket. 

Good to the grid. The charger only pulls 1200watt from your 230v mains. Slighly more than your coffee-maker. 

By default, your Paxster is charged from a regular wall socket (120-240v) using the standard Type 1 charging cable. UK Customers get UK plug as standard. 

It is possible to charge your Paxster on public charging stations using a Type 1 –> Type 2 adapter. 

Depends on selected battery size. Example: From 20% to 100% charge in 15 degrees celcius with our 8.1 kWh battery is between 8-9 hours.

For most customers, charging over-night is sufficient. 

Our batteries are built for the nordic climate. The charger communicates with the battery management system, and activates battery heating to ensure optimal health is maintained.

Paxster uses only high-quality prismatic lithium iron phosphate batteries – the safest type. Each cell is carefully monitored in all phases by an advanced BMS, ensuring optimal working conditions to maximize life expectancy. All our batteries feature integrated heating that is automatically controlled by the BMS. If anything unusual takes place, it automatically stops charging to prevent damage to the battery.