Sustainable delivery with Paxster in Oslo

After having spent months working on a pilot for climate-neutral home delivery, the first parcels are not being delivered with brand new Paxsters in Oslo. 

Over the coming months, all-electric, emission-free Paxsters will be used to provide home delivery of small parcels in the Oslo-west area. 

Paxster is an exciting pilot project where we are able to really test an all-electric vehicle on the road towards becoming fossil-free in 2030. The goal is to offer zero-emission distribution in large cities such as Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim already in 2021. 

The vehicles offer a sufficient range of 100km, and are custom made for delivery of small parcels in urban areas. The pilot has an official end-date on the 26th of May. 

Responsible for the project is business developers Kaleem Ali and Mehrad Niroomand. 

Zero Emissions in cities from 2025

The PostNord corporation will eliminate greenhouse gas emissions leading up to 2030. For the larger cities, the goal is to become fossil-free already by 2025. 

For each coming year, we will implement more and more EVs. For longer transport routes our goal is to utilize rail as much as possible, and heavy trucks will be gradually phased out to favor zero emission solutions. 


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