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Paxster Connect

The future is connected


The number of third-party fleet management tools and OEM telematics solutions are almost countless.  

The problem is that while OEM telematics can access virtually all data in the vehicle, your possibilities are often restricted to see battery status, blink the headlights or turn on the pre-heating. And more importantly, the data is often not yours. 

On the other hand, the third-party fleet management systems are great at doing basic fleet management, but their potential to create value is severely limited by access to onboard data. 

Our solution is built around the specific, unique needs of drivers and fleet owners in the last mile industry, and continuously refined and developed in strategic partnerships with our customers. The solution is truly unique because of a deep integration with vehicle systems, allowing us to create innovative, new features not found in competing systems. 

Paxster Connect will provide optimal support to drivers and managers in Operations, and thanks to its deep integration, driver apps, sensors and an open API, enable innovation by using any data in proprietary systems. 




Build a custom or modify Paxsters’ standard daily/weekly/monthly vehicle checklist to improve safety and reliability of your drivers. Checklists allow drivers to easily record findings with images and text, and report findings to supervisors or service partners directly in the app. 

Checklists are integrated with the vehicle drivetrain system and will provide push-notifications to drivers (and supervisors) if a vehicle is used without having the relevant checklist completed. It can also be configured to inhibit ignition until completion. 

The Service and Maintenance module allows you to easily record service needs and order service from your service provider(s). Service needs are typically recorded by drivers using the in-app order fature, and approved by their managers before being sent to the service partner. Additionally, you will receive in-app notifications about upcoming interval-services.

The system gives you a 360-degree overview of fleet service status and service provider compliance, while making it easier for your managers to organize ongoing service needs for your fleet. It also increases first time fix rate, since the system will automatically deliver relevant diagnostics data from the vehicle when a user orders service, enabling service partners to do diagnostics beforehand.

Service partners will provide in-app feedback on expected time and date, provide status updates and more.

Allow drivers to record and categorize events during their workday, such as damages or accidents. Events will be communicated to managers and stored in the vehicle journal. Events can also be used to create service requests.

This feature is great for safety and compliance efforts.

With Paxster Connect, our vehicles provide “live issue detection” and will communicate with drivers, service providers and factory technicians, often even before the vehicle comes to a stop. For certain faults, we will even pre-ship certain components to the nearest service location in order to keep your downtime to an absolute minimum.

Paxster is putting the safety of its customers and drivers first. If your Paxster is involved in an accident, the vehicle will immediately notify a contact of your choice.

We also support our customers with stolen vehicle tracking and remote vehicle immobilization services.

Operational Concierge is a premium feature of Paxster Connect that takes away stress and uncertainty from operating your fleet. This feature adds a human touch, were a dedicated Paxster Connect Specialist monitors your fleet technical data.

Here are some typical applications:

  • Assist in planning and coordinating service requests, including front-loading the technician with information from the vehicle onboard diagnostics.
  • Follow up service provider compliance
  • Perform accident investigations and root-cause analysis to avoid similar accidents in the future.
  • Customize notifications, reports and other system features as wanted by the customer.


With Paxster Connect, we use communication between the vehicle and driver/manager to minimize or prevent problems. We allow the vehicle to communicate in a human-like way, explaining you what the recommended next step is. Here are a few examples:

  • I was not put on charge when you left work today. I currently have 35% remaining charge, and that is normally less than what you need for a full day. Is that OK for tomorrow, or would you like to connect me today?
  • I can use my regenerative brake instead of brake pads if you only press the brake lever a little softer. That saves us both time in service.
  • My auxiliary charger is broken. It is not a huge problem right now, but in about 2 days, I will likely stop working. Should we book a service appointment now?
  • I have not been used for 30 days and my battery is getting low. If you are not planning on using me for a while, remove the 12v fuse to avoid my battery getting drained.

This is a great way to interact with drivers in a way that allows them to quickly get to know their vehicle.

Draw boundaries on a map and configure how you want the vehicle to behave once it arrives or departs from that area. You can also use geofence to configure notifications.

  • On arrival, reduce top speed to walking phase and activate hazard lamps.
  • On arrival, notify manager
  • On departure, return to normal performance.
  • On departure, notify manager

If your Paxster is stored outside, you can enable the window de-icer directly in the app. 

Remotly control the heated grips on your vehicle and arrive to comfortably warm grips in the morning or after lunch. 


The Paxster Connect system is built around standard organizational structures.


System owners that manage users, permissions, features and rules.

Operational Managers

Managers are typically responsible for a subset of vehicles and users, and their focus is safety and operational reliability. A Manager can take status of their own fleet, manage their own users and approve, reject or store requests.


Drivers can check in on vehicles (and routes) and will only receive and provide information from their currently active vehicle.

Paxster cares about your privacy, and we have made it easy to stay GDPR compliant.

All users must approve the Consent Statement of your choice (or a standard document) when they first open the app. If you make changes to this document, all users will be prompted to provide a new approval before they are allowed to use the system.

Paxster has one of the most powerful report generators on the market to help you run smarter operations. You can create overview reports, analyze trends, and get detailed single-vehicle reports.

  • Unlimited historical data. Analyze the fleet’s life rather than just the last few weeks.
  • One-click reports. Save setup time by using our suite of standard reports.
  • Custom reports. Display data exactly the way your customers need it.
  • Scheduled delivery. Get reports in your inbox once a week. Or once a month. Or twice an hour!

With Paxster Connect, a manager get the best tool available. A smart view of your local fleet shows:

  • Faults
  • Service status
  • Checklist status
  • Battery status

 A great way to give you:

  • 360° fleet view. Know what’s going on with the full fleet at a glance.
  • Individual vehicle status. Drill down to the vehicle level for more details.
  • Customizable data display. Showcase the most critical data for each user.
  • Multiple workspaces. Customize the layout for each job function.


Take route planning one step further with real data from Paxster Connect. Route planning software does an excellent job in creating optimal routes based on your input. But what if we told you that you can provide even better input?

Several of our customers have taken advantage of real-life data to optimize their routes even further. In real life scenarios, drivers will find better routes and shortcuts that route planning software simply will not provide. You can export actual tracks from Paxster Connect in a format compatible with most route planning software solutions.

Paxster has a powerful yet easy-to-use language module that currently supports Norwegian, Swedish, German and English. 

If you would like to have additional languages, we have just the right tool to get you up and running in no time. 

Paxster offers an infinitely extensible platform. Our REST API framework lets you integrate with other business systems so customers have the data they need in the systems where they need it. With scripting, you can create custom automations and additional functionality.


On-board hardware communicates with the following systems:

  • Onboard sensors, such as accelerometers, switches, and GPS
  • Charger, battery, and battery management systems
  • Motor, motor controller and other powertrain components

This information is sent over GSM networks to our cloud-based, secure servers.

Paxster Connect is manufacturer independent.

We offer OBD2 smart plugs that allows you to connect any vehicle in your fleet to the Paxster Connect system.

Kindly be advised that these smart plugs will not be able to access the same amount of data as in Paxster vehicles due to manufacturer restrictions. However, you will still be able to access and use most of the smart features in our Paxster Connect solution.

Our web portal is an analytical system for collection, monitoring and evaluation of data. The easy-to-use and web-based fleet management system provides concrete data for concrete decisions. Thus, you can manage your fleet efficiently and at optimal costs. 

Whether in the break room or out in the field, the app lets managers and drivers operate their vehicles from anywhere.

  • Map overview + detailed view. Find your vehicle on a map and see current status. 
  • Event and trip history. View individual vehicle tracks and events, using a slider feature to scroll throug a trip in the map. 
  • Alerts. Stay updated on important events via app notifications.