Paxster Connect Driver App

Quick start guide

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Driver Application v. 5.0.

The Paxster Connect Driver App is included in the Paxster Connect subscription and available to all subscribing customers who have the Paxster Connect hardware installed. The Driver Applications’ primary purpose is to provide Managers and Drivers with valuable information from smart notifications and make owning and using the Paxster easier than ever. 

In this Quick Start Guide, we will provide key information about setting up and using the system.  

It is not required to use the Web interface in order to deploy the Driver Application. 

Setting up the hierarchy

In order for postal and parcel services to deploy and use the application smoothly, we have created a hierarchical system, containing three levels. 


The Administrator will approve or reject Manager-role users and is typically considered the System Owner within the customer organization. The approval and rejection of Managers are easiest to do directly inside the application. 

Administrators are created in the Paxster Connect system by your Paxster Account Manager. Customer administrators will recieve free setup service upon entering into a Paxster Connect subscription. 


Managers will mainly approve, reject or delete Drivers for their assigned fleet of vehicles, typically on a mail-center level. 

Manager-type user profiles are created directly in the application when signing up, and will become active once they have been approved by an Administrator. The Manager will recieve a push-notification once he or her has been approved by an Administrator. 


Drivers will as a rule-of-thumb only have access to one vehicle, allthough Managers can change this. Access to more than one vehicle can be handy if drivers are changing between vehicles. 

Drivers will use the Driver Application to get valuable information from their vehicle, such as smart notifications, charging status and location information. More features will be added in future app updates!

Installing the mobile application

The Paxster Connect Driver App works on all smart phones. Download for free on Apple’s App Store and Google Play by clicking the icons below. 

Setting up your user account

Once you have successfully downloaded and installed the Paxster Connect Driver Application, you need to sign up for a user account. Signing up is fast and easy when following the steps below. 

Joining a Company

When you first open the application, you need to specify the Company name in order to access the companys’ fleet of vehicles. The Company name will be set by the Administrator when first setting up the system. If you are not sure about the correct spelling, your Administrator can provide these details. 

Signing Up

Choose between DRIVER and MANAGER account. Remember that drivers will be approved by managers, and that managers need approval from the administrator. 

Select account type

Fill in all remaining form fields. We advise you to pay attention to the selected Username and Password, as you will need this for login later. It is then time to add one or more vehicles to your account. See next step. 

Manager registration
Driver registration

Connecting vehicle(s)

The last step in setting up your account is connecting vehicles. 

  • If you select a driver account, you can only connect to one vehicle.
  • If you select a manager account, you can assign more vehicles to your fleet.
If you are registering as a manager, click the “+Add vehicles” button to begin adding vehicles. If you are a driver, you can easily scan the vehicle QR code or enter the VIN number found on the sticker below the seat. 

Click sign up when you are finished. 

Please be advised that an Administrator og Manager need to approve your registration. You will recieve a push-notification in the app when review is complete. 


When you have installed the Paxster Connect application and successfully signed up for an account, you need to login. When opening the app for the first time or if you have signed out, you will see the following screen. 

Enter your Username and Password. Click Sign In.  

Login screen

GDPR Consent Statement

First Time

When you sign in for the first time, all users of the system need to approve a GDPR Consent Statement. 


From time to time, customers may need to update the terms of their consent statement between management and drivers. We have made that easy. Administrators can easily change the consent statement, and thereby automatically trigger the consent screen to reappear for all users in the system. 

App features for drivers

The app has several features for Paxster drivers. Below is a quick summar of the features and how to use them correctly. 

Home Screen

The home screen contains basic information about the vehicle you are currently connected to. Click on the hotspots inside the image below to learn more about the different functions. If the text is black, you can also click on it to skip directly to that screen. 

Settings Screen

Drivers can adjust settings on the Settings Screen. Click on the hotspots below to learn more. 

Change Vehicle Screen

You can change the vehicle currently paired with your account. This is handy if you standard Paxster is not available or if someone else is using your Paxster. 

When you change vehicle, one of two things can happen:

  • your manager lets you keep access to the one you are switching from, or…
  • your manager removes access from your old vehicle. 
Ask your manager what is the policy in your company. Be advised that changing vehicles require manager approval. You will recieve a push-notification when approved/rejected. 

Notifications Screen

Notifications is an important aspect of the Paxster Connect Driver App. 

On this page, you can see the last notifications, and click on them to see more. 

Vehicle Location

Lets you see the Paxster currently paired with your account on the map. 

Battery Information

Gives you additional details on the battery and charger history. 

App features for Manager and Admins

Manager Dashboard

The manager dashboard gives you quick access to key features. 

Assigned Vehicles

Gives you an overview of vehicle under your management. Click on any vehicle to see vehicle details. 

Under each vehicle is the name of the currently registered user. 

Registration requests overview

New users trying to register for the first time, and connecting with a vehicle assigned to your fleet will be presented under this screen. 

You can approve og reject users. Click on hotspots to explore the different options. 

Approving new users

Upon approvin