Electric distribution vehicles

Electric distribution vehicles for the modern fleet. Re-engineered in 2020 for reliable, low-cost and productive last-mile operations in cities and suburban areas. And with volume ranging from 1m3 all the way up to 2.15m3 and payload increased from 200 to 240kg on the Cargo / Delivery models, all is set for a productive workday.


Quick and agile, compact design, optimal cargo handling and an efficient vehicle interface gives you class-leading productivity in last-mile. Verified productivity improvement of 15-50% by our customers.


Designed with the working human in mind. Full overview, comfortable seating, easy going in and out, minimal lifting or stretching and no doors to mention some of the benefits.


Our vehicles are shaping the modern city-scape, as more and more last-mile companies discover the true benefit of Paxster. Boost your green image and get noticed!


The last-mile sector is undergoing enormous change. Autonomy, e-commerce explosion, digitization, changing cities, and environmental policies. With our products, you are always equipped to meet the future.

Original platform 2.2.

Paxster Cargo 2020

240 kg payload

1250 liter volume

Original platform 2.2.

Paxster Delivery 2020

240 kg payload

1000 liter volume


Paxster XL 2020 - CONCEPT

Payload TBD. 

2150 liter volume

Trike platform

Paxster Trike CONCEPT

Payload TBD. 

Volume TBD