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When you need more!

In fact, the vehicle is now beeing tested by ElskedeBy in Oslo to determine the final specifications. It will be based on a strecthed version of the 2020 model Cargo. The aim is to create a vehicle that allows carrying a bigger payload, bigger volume at higher speeds, without sacrafising the real advantage of owning a Paxster.

Is it an alternative to a commercial van? YES! In fact, it will increase productivity and image!

Is it anything like commercial van? No. In last mile applications, it is far better! 

Our concepts are not in mass production. Customers that want to take part in the development can become development partners by purchasing hand-built model(s) in exchange for valuable feedback. 

High capacity

With its 2000l of volume cargo box capacity, our it will easily hold a standard pallet measuring 120x80cm, with space to spare. Whatever your business – be it parcel, courier or heavier, it will be a perfect match to your operational and business requirements.

Trailer hitch

As part of our concept development, we are also working on a trailer solution to be used with L7e-approved vehicles. 

Batteries & Charging

With our range of high-performance batteries and easy charging requirements, implementing Paxsters to your fleet is easy.

Whats new on the 2020 models?

We have made many great changes to our line of 2020 models.

Technical Specifications

Download our 4-page detailed technical specifications PDF to learn even more about the product.

Advantages with Paxster

Our unique platform is designed together with industry-leading customers, suppliers and ergonomists in order to optimize our line of products for the job to done. Our DNA. The reason why our customers and drivers love their vehicles. 

The narrow platform means our vehicle is agile in terms navigating tight areas, obstables etc. Reach drop-off points easy without leaving the vehicle and blend in with the public without issues.

An even narrower floor section makes going in and out up to several hundred times per day easy and ergonimic. 

All contributing to saving time per stop. 

The Paxster features a handlebar instead of a steering wheel. That invites to a more active driving style while at the same time reducing time spent handling the vehicle on narrow places. 

This is helpful when navigating close to drop-off points, and help save time. 

Similar to the handlebar steering, a saddle seat invites to a more active driving style. It also significantly improves your posture and facilitates a “sliding” movement upon going in and out – instead of the climbing in and out of a van. Again, this also help save time on the stops requiring you to leave the vehicle. 

It may sound obvious. And it is. But not having to open doors or windows saves a lot of time and bodily strain. 

What may come as a suprise is that customers also report lower sick-leave rates due to this design feature. Instead of moving between hot and cold-zones, you dress correctly and avoid beeing sick.

Re-fill the front cargo area from the rear cargo box. This significantly improved productivity, since the time spent finding and reaching for your goods upon drop-offs are reduced. 

It is also far more ergonomic compared to leaning over or turning your body towards the passenger seat of a car. 

This is also a major contributor towards the lowered sick-leave rates and why our drivers love their vehicles.