Trike Concept

Designed for you

We have all probably used a trike at one time in our life. 

And like most of us, many smart-city and last-mile companies still rely on three wheels to get the job done. At Paxster, we want them to have the option of selecting the optimal machine for the job. That is Paxster with all its industry specific design features. That is also why our team of designers have created the Trike Concept. It is a perfect blend of novelty, trike advantages and verified benefits of the Paxster platform. 

Want to test one?

While it is not yet ready for mass production, selected customers may get access to buy hand-built prototypes at a premium for testing purposes. Contact us for further information. 

Batteries & Charging

With our range of high-performance batteries and easy charging requirements, implementing Paxsters to your fleet is easy.

Whats new on the 2020 models?

We have made many great changes to our line of 2020 models.