DHL Express

DHL Express (Norway): The world’s leading logistics company with more than 98.000 vehicles and a global reach are now testing Paxster Cargo for the distribution of small-medium size parcels in Oslo.

Paxster is proud to work with DHL Express in a project aimed at finding better solutions for inner-city distribution and reduced environmental footprint.

Domino's Pizza

Domino’s Pizza, recognized as the world leader in pizza delivery and a company of exceptional people on a mission to be the best pizza delivery company in the world.

Domino’s Pizza Norway are operating the Paxster Delivery from two locations in Oslo with good results!

Click below to see more about their experience and operations. 

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Amedia wants to reduce the environmental impact of its last-mile operations, while at the same time finding more efficient solutions to manage a growing number of different products and complexity. 

The corporation is now launching a large-scale winter test using 20 Paxster Cargo electric distribution vehicles to find new ways of improving their delivery model.

Be sure to read more about this great project.

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City of Tønsberg - Park and Control

Tønsberg Parking was the first Park&Control customers to apply Paxster in their operation, and really take a stand when it comes to their environmental footprint. 

In addition they aim to improve public image and perception. What could be more ideal than a Paxster for the task?

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#Elskede By

Elskede By (Oslo, Norway): We are living in a growing city, in terms of citizens and infrastructure and together we need to find new ways of preserving our beloved city.

Read how ElskedeBy reduces traffic, noise and emissions in Oslo using the very first Paxster XL. 

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