Maintenance & Repair

With the introduction of our latest platform, we have further aligned our product performance with customer expectations. That means we have a vehicle that requires less service and is easier to use. A well maintained and cared-for vehicle will provide the operational reliability, cost-level and level of safety that is expected for many years in last-mile operation. 


Last-mile companies require the highest availability of their fleet to ensure productivity. Paxster provides maximum performance through tailored service offerings for each client.


The safety of man and machine is our highest priority. Our maintenance plans ensure that your fleet is always recieving the most up-to-date attention. We also maintain complete service documentation for your fleet.

Operating Cost

Compliance with our maintenance schedule, use of genuine spare parts and using Paxster in-house or approved technical service ensures reliability and operational cost-efficiency. The warranty is also retained, and the second-hand value increases.


Few industries are more focused on their environmental footprint than last-mile. That is taken seriously accross our entire organization, including the maintenance department. Resource consumption is reduced thanks to efficiently controlled service and the longest possible servicing intervals.

Regular Maintenance

Through compliance with the maintenance plans for your vehicle, you will have multiple benefits. While undergoing maintenance, your we will proactively identify issues on-time and carry our preventative measure according to up-to-date specifications. In return you will have improved reliability and safety as well as optimizing operational costs. 

Repair Services

We strive to keep our customers operational at all times. In most cases, beeing in the last-mile industry puts great demands on the vehicle itself. The vehicle is in constant operation throughout all days of the week, with start/stops, climbing footpaths, un-even surfaces and harsh use that may accellerate wear. Paxster provides fast and reliable services to get you right back in operation. 

Genuine Spare Parts

To get the most out of your vehicle, Paxster recommends using genuine Spare Parts only. They keep your equipment operating with with the intended performance, they minimize downtime and they extend performance lifetime. 

For EU-customers, we have now opened up a distribution center in Germany to provide fast and smooth deliveres. 

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