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Premier Moorley - a concept store in Booker Wholesale UK has upped its sustainability credentials with ‘Premier Paxter’, an electric vehicle, which has been branded up to further publicise the store’s offer. “It’s green and it’s efficient,” says Ajay.
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This article is based on an interview between Plan Insurance Brokers and Jasvinder Rhoud from Premier Morely, in their series “Inspirational Entrepreneurs.”

What made you think about offering home deliveries via an electric vehicle?

We are a trial and concept store for Bookers Wholesale. As a result, they like to be at the forefront of innovations when it comes to what convenience stores can offer customers. If you take a look at our website you will see the wide variety of services we offer.

This vehicle has allowed us to expand our convenience store’s reach. We’ve been able to supply essentials to the community which has been especially helpful in these difficult times as people are locked down due to the coronavirus. I say essentials but people also love the cocktails! I like to think we’ve helped to keep people’s spirits up during these tough times by delivering some cheer.

How are you finding the Paxster?

It is very good. Fun to drive and easy to operate. It’s giving us a real competitive advantage. Also, the vehicle is unique looking and attracts attention. We’ve covered it in our branding and it’s been great for marketing. It’s also generated lots of interest on social media. We’ve got thousands of followers on our Facebook page and it’s been brilliant for engagement and awareness.

So it really helped your business thrive?

Undoubtedly, the Paxster is proving a great investment and has provided a great boost. Having an express delivery service has helped a lot. It enables us to compete with bigger stores by offering a service they can’t match at the moment. We offer a 30-minute order and delivery service. Larger supermarkets can’t offer this turnaround time but we’re more agile. Plus if people are paying for a delivery they’ll normally bulk out their purchase with a few other items as well as the essentials. So the basket value is good.

Due to Covid-19 certain groups of people have been struggling to get to the large supermarkets. We have been able to supply all their daily needs via our convenience store using the Paxster. And people have been really grateful for this.

What are your customers saying?

They love it. It’s so different looking. We get loads of kids waving at us when we’re driving around. Also a lot of customers are concerned about the environment and using a 100% EV generates good will.

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