Norwegian caretakers find Paxster as a useful tool in their daily work

vaktmesterservice vestfold paxster

Vaktmesterservice Vestfold AS uses Paxster to get around to housing associations and co-owners in Tønsberg town, where other larger vehicles can’t access. Accessibility was an important factor when they started planning to buy a vehicle. When we spoke to them a few months after they started to use the Paxster, they could confirm that the size of the vehicle was one of the most appreciated factors. 

vaktmesterservice vestfold AS paxster
Outside the office in Tønsberg

More focus on the environmental aspect 

Also in the caretaker industry, it is becoming increasingly important to choose green alternatives. It was quite obvious for Vaktmesterservice Vestfold AS that they should choose electric, and they became very curious about this vehicle that they had observed being used by the Norway Post for several years already. They started to look at how they could benefit from a micro vehicle in their operations. 

“The fact that Paxster has been chosen by the Norway Post is a reference for quality to us” 

André Høyer, Vaktmesterservice Vestfold AS 

A micro vehicle offers many opportunities 

For Vaktmesterservice Vestfold AS, choosing a small vehicle with small footprints was important. Not only because of the emissions but also because the size of the actual vehicle did matter to them. “The Paxster takes up little space in the cityscape, and it slips in behind flower boxes and around benches, which simplifies our work and saves us a lot of time,” says Høyer. They don’t have to look for parking spaces, and they can drive in places in the city not allowed for larger vehicles.  

Valuable attention around the city 

The design of the vehicle, Høyer believes gives a great marketing value to them. The fact that the vehicle is very spacious, but at the same time small enough not to be perceived as disturbing in the cityscape, gives a positive impact on the local community. “It is a great value that we are visible to everyone who sees the vehicle every single day. This marketing value can not be bought”, Høyer concludes.

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