How Bolt achieved increased operational efficiency

In Bolt they are reaching for running carbon-neutral operations. As one step in the right direction, they early in 2022 implemented Paxster into their daily operations and they quicky started to see huge operational benefits.

As a data-driven company efficiency is decisive

We visited Bolt a few months after they got their new vehicles. Jose Rei, Country Manager at Bolt, was happy to share some feedback. “We are a data-driven company, and our daily operations are based on performative and efficiency-based KPIs. That is, on a given day we have x number of vehicles to maintain, collect, swap, deploy and comply with local regulations. We need to source the smartest, greener, and most efficient solutions to deliver the most reliable micro-mobility service in Norway and globally. This applies to the 14 cities we operate today in Norway and in more than 200 cities globally”, Rei said. 

Easy to maneuver and easy to park

They were looking at operational efficiency in city centers and needed solutions that allow them to swap a larger number of batteries per hour. At the same time a vehicle that facilitates their drivers’ daily work, meaning a vehicle that is easy to maneuver, easy to park, safe to use, with a considerable operational range, and of course, sustainable. “At Bolt, we aim to only use sustainable vehicles in our daily operations. We moved away from fossil-based fuels. The Paxster is a cost-effective solution when compared with similar options in the market. And … it is made in Norway!»

«We discovered Paxster via Posten. I have always been fascinated with how fast and safe the Posten drivers operate in Oslo.”

Jose Rei, Country Manger Bolt Norway
bolt using paxster for battery swap

We were also lucky to meet the Bolt driver Tiago Dasilva on our visit. He could tell that he was very happy with his new vehicle, and the fact that the Paxster can access places where other vehicles can’t.

“It can park almost everywhere and it is fun to drive! With the Paxster we can change 200 batteries a day, that was not possible with a bigger car. And I love the stability.”

Tiago Dasilva, Driver at Bolt

The importance of an excellent after-sales support

To Jose and his team at Bolt, it is important that their vendors and partners deliver what they promise and are reliable partners that they can count on in face of the challenging fleet management business. Jose is telling us that they really appreciate the great after-sales support team that Paxster is offering, and that support was taken into consideration in the buying process.

Happy drivers – great branding

“The feedback we get from our drivers is that the vehicles are safe, fun, and easy to maneuver”, Rei shares with enthusiasm. He is experiencing that the product is good and reliable. Also, he is mentioning that the Paxster is very noticeable when driven downtown, and this is perfect for branding. “Our drivers love to drive the Paxster”, Rei smiles.

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