Facilitates work for people with different challenges 

Fasvo is a growth company that facilitates work for people with different challenges who want to participate in the working life. In addition, they are an approved apprenticeship company in many different subjects and offer special education in different companies. We are of course proud that they chose Paxster to be their new working tool.

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Photo: Studio Græsdal

Inspired by the Norwegian Post

Fasvo had started searching for a practical electric vehicle that they could use in their daily work. They had for a while noticed the vehicles that the postmen were driving and wanted to find out more about the vehicle, and from May 2021 they drove around in their own Paxster.

“The Paxster makes it possible for more of our employees to be able to drive around on different assignments, and we have become more environmentally friendly.”

Kent Engseth, Fasvo

An environmentally friendly alternative

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Fasvo wanted a smaller vehicle that gave more people in their working group the opportunity to drive and a vehicle that was easier to handle. “Like many others, we also want to focus on sustainability and therefore we wanted an environmentally friendly vehicle that we can use in the areas we perform our work”, Engseth says.

Very happy with the load capacity

Fasvo is happy with the good driving characteristics of the vehicle, and the size is perfect for them for their use. “We are very pleased with the cargo capacity of the Paxster,” Engseth concludes.

Used vehicles – the ultimate sustainable solution

When Fasvo was about to choose their vehicles, they were curious about our Paxster 2nd Drive concept. These vehicles have already been used for several years, and have gone through an advanced process where we strip them down and build them up again. Piece by piece. The Paxster is then as good as new. Read more about Paxster 2nd Drive.

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