Fully Charged Show visited Norway

Earlier this year Jack Scarlett, from the Fully Charged Show, visited Oslo related to the production of a documentary with the theme "How Norway killed the petrol car". He chose to drive a Paxster for his tour around the streets of Oslo. Together with the general secretary of the Electric Car Association, Christina Bu, he enjoyed a sunny day in the Norwegian capital.
elbilforeningen og fully charged show tester paxster

Photo: Elbilforeningen

The world’s leading country when it comes to electric cars 

Scarlett is passionate about electric cars and electric mobility. The show he is hosting on YouTube has close to one million subscribers and is often referred to as the electric car’s answer to “Top Gear”. To him, it was obvious that he would come to visit Norway as part of the research for the documentary. He wanted to learn more about what we do so much better than other countries to reduce the number of petrol cars and how Paxster has become a big part of today’s important solutions within sustainable urban logistics.

“Paxster would have been perfect in London

Jack Scarlett, Fully Charged Show

Jack Scarlett when visiting Oslo

Perfect in the streets of London

Scarlett had much fun driving around in the Paxster and it was a perfect vehicle for their ride around the city of Oslo. “These would have been perfect in London,” he could confirm. He was one of the first to try the new XL model, with a larger payload (350 kg), and more than 2m3 loading capacity. Royal Mail has several Paxsters on a trial these days so maybe he’s right, and that many Paxsters will appear in the streets of London in the years to come.

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