Domino’s deliver with Paxster!

Domino’s Pizza, recognized as the world leader in pizza delivery and a company of exceptional people on a mission to be the best pizza delivery company in the world. Domino’s Pizza Norway has been operating the Paxster Delivery from two locations in Oslo with good results. We paid them a visit to learn more about their experience so far!

Ideal in cities

Paxster visited two different sites in Oslo to learn more about their operations and how they used the Paxsters.

The vehicle is a joy to ride and it is not uncommon that drivers “rush” to be the first one to get the Paxster

Site Manager, Dominos Oslo

The main reason why we like them so much is their ability to navigate efficiently in a hectic city landscape, while at the same time blending in easily with the public, says one of the employees. It is flexible, easy to park and requires very little space, allowing us to walk less.

The vehicle also attracts a lot of attention in city streets. People walking by give their thumbs up and think it’s really cool.

And not without reason. The Paxster Delivery was initially awarded with the Honors Award for Design Excellence, not only for they way it is designed to do a specific job, but also for its looks. While the machine is designed for operational excellence, the body and lines of the vehicle have been designed by EkerDesign, the same company responsible for the Koenigsegg.

It also provides a boost for the environmental image, while at the same time providing real benefits in the delivery situation.

People walking by give their thumbs up and think it’s really cool.

Paxster Driver @ Domino’s

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