Service & Maintenance

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Service & Maintenance

The efficiency and performance of your Paxster is of key importance. To allow you to focus on your business, we provide comprehensive maintenance and repair services for your Paxster og Paxster-fleet. Our primary objective is to help you avoid costly breakdowns and downtime. We provide everything from a single source, so you can be sure that every product, replacement part and repair is in line with Paxster's signature quality.


Benefits with Paxster Service

On-site / Home Service

While some brands now offer a free collection and delivery service, we take it one step further and send our engineers to you. That is what we mean by effortless service.

We'll Remind You

Time is of the essence, and we want our customers to focus on what is vital to their business. Remembering when your Paxster is due for service is not on that list. We will let you know when it is due.

Service Requirements

We have all heard that EVs require less maintenance. That is also true for Paxster. If you subscribe to PaxsterConnect, your vehicle only requires 10hrs within the first 96 months.

Customer Service Support

Scheduled Maintenance

The maintenance plan laid out for your vehicle gives you several benefits. While undergoing maintenance, we proactively identify issues on-time and carry out preventative measures in accordance with up-to-date specifications. In return, you will have improved reliability while optimizing operational costs. 

Repair Services

On receipt of your call, we will dispatch one of our skilled Service Engineers to your site.  Our Service Engineers are equipped with a laptop for instant fault diagnostics and service report creation, using a software-based diagnostic system as well as a comprehensive genuine spare parts catalog. Our service vans carry a comprehensive stock of the most common spare parts to enable short fix times and to minimize the downtime of your vehicle. 

Dealing with defects

If there’s a manufacturing issue with your Paxster that requires repair, there’s no need for you to drive it to the nearest service point. When you book a service appointment, just tell us the time that best fits your schedule and we’ll take care of everything else, for no extra charge.

Paxster Parts Direct

In order to deliver the best possible service, Paxster has invested in a brand new parts center in Germany that supply European customers and service engineers over-night. 

Only our genuine spare parts meet the high-performance requirements for Paxsters. Using foreign parts can lead to serious accidents and expensive breakdowns.

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