Cabin lamp

Shine a light on any cargo stored in the front section of the Paxster with our roof mounted cabin lamp. Makes sorting and finding cargo easy as a breeze. 

  • LED: Low power consumption
  • Placed to avoid blinding at dark hours
  • Easy to turn on/off, even with gloves

Box interior lamp

Creates a pleasent and practical illumination of the rear box. Turns on/off according to door position. 

  • LED: Low power consumption
  • Placed to avoid beeing damaged from any cargo inside. 
  • Turns on/off with door position. 

Exterior Light

Work lamp

A powerful LED spot mounted on the side of the vehicle makes it easy to illuminate any drop-off point in close proximity to the vehicle. Can be fitted to both sides. 

  • LED: Low power consumption
  • Makes working at night and dark hours safer and more comfortable. 
  • Be advised that this exact version is only compatible the the Delivery-model. For Cargo-models, an LED spot is fitted on the front of the vehicle. 

Updgraded LED headlamps

Your vehicle is originally fitted with halogen headlamps. Upgrade to our high-performance LED headlamps to enjoy a brighter and much stronger light. 

  • LED: Low power consumption
  • Strong light compared to halogen
  • Long life-time, no service required. 

Extra brake light

Increase safety with a third brake light. A powerful red LED-bar is fitted on top of the storage box to provide extra visibility upon braking action. 

  • LED: Low power consumption
  • High visibility > Increased safety