A platform for effortless use

The narrow and low platform design is key to our design. It makes stepping in and out of the vehicle easy, fast and ergonomic. 

Productivity first

Plenty of available storage right at your fingertips remove the need to visit your cargo box at each stop. Select a flat-bed, customize your own, or select from a range of industry adapted solutions for post, parcel, food or other industries. 

Slide in. Slide out.

In combination with the open design and narrow platform, a saddle seat makes going in and out a dream. It also invites a more ergonomic and pleasant workplace. 

Loading Space

Loading capacity

CARGO model storage

The new Cargo-model maximizes the load space available on the original platform, and combined with all available loading spaces on the model; it provides 1.25m3 of loading capacity! 

It has several improvements over previous versions, with reinforced hinges, increased theft security, 270degree door openings w. powerful magnets, electric door openers, interior lights, height-adjustable shelves, and much more.  

Loading capacity

DELIVERY model storage

A lower-cost option when 1m3 loading capacity is enough. Typically used to distribute food, groceries, post, or as housing for technical equipment and tools.

Features manual or electric locking, interior lights, flexible shelve/rail layout. A 180-degree door opening.

Other storage

The vehicle offers several other storage features, utilizing the large front section. Select from a lockable steel box (electronic locks available); industry adapted racks, and much more.

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