Small Battery40-60 km35-50 km
Medium Battery50-85 km45-70 km
Large Battery70-110 km60-90 km
Charger typeOn-board
Voltage100-230 V
Max charge current from mains6 A @ 230V
Max charging time (230V schuko socket) 
Small Battery5-6 h
Medium Battery9-10 h
Large Battery9-10 h
Charging options 
Vehicle Charging PlugType1 (J1772)
Standard charging cableType1 –> Schuko
Optional charging cableType1 –> Type2
Outdoor charging supportedYes
Below 0 chargingIf battery falls < 0°C, integrated heaters will activate.


All new vehicles produced after 01.01.2019 are equipped with seat belts, and there is no requirement for helmet use in Norway. Other conditions may apply in other countries.

The top speed is 45 km/h for the L6e category, and 60 km/h for the L7e category.

You can drive a Paxster from the age of 16 with a moped car license (AM147) or from 18 years with a regular Class B driver’s license.

We hear this quite often, and the answer to this is no. With the right clothing, you can keep warm and avoid the large temperature fluctuations between a warm car and icy outdoor air. Posten Norge has looked into this, and sick leave fell by more than 15% when they switched to the Paxster, partly due to a more stable temperature throughout the workday. Read more about how to thrive in an open vehicle.

Absolutely! The Paxster is designed to handle Norwegian conditions. Many of our customers are out long before the snowplows come, or while the snow is falling. You can find Paxsters from Greenland and Alta, through the Alps in Austria, and all across Europe. And everyone tells about excellent driving characteristics in the winter. We deliver good winter tires with or without studs and high load on the rear axle (rear-wheel drive) which results in high ground pressure and good road grip.

The short answer is: ‘No, it does not.’ The vehicle has a very low and centered center of gravity, which, along with the placement of the wheels, gives the vehicle very good stability against overturning. Should you somehow manage to get it up on two wheels, safety systems will immediately cut all power to the engine, so that the vehicle returns. In order to be accepted by the large companies like Posten Norge, DHL Express, La Poste, New Zealand Post, DPD UK and others, the vehicle often has to be approved by different authorities with stricter requirements than those imposed in the type approval for such vehicles. In these tests, Paxster performs very well.

The lifespan of the batteries depends on how the vehicle is used. For postal distribution and a workday of 7-8 hours with heavy use, experience indicates that the battery lasts for about 10 years.

However, if it is for private use, the lifespan will be considerably longer. Perhaps up to 15-20 years.