Elskede by (Oslo, Norway): We are living in a growing city in terms of citizens and infra-structure, and together we need to find new ways of preserving our belowed city. Reducing traffic, emissions and noise is a challenge we need to solve togheter. Elskede By represents a unique cooperation to create a more sustainable and living city. 

Innovative cooperation to meet the future

The city of Oslo has ambitious environmental goals. The city will reduce greenhouse gas emissions with 36% within 2020 and reduce emissions with 95% within 2030. In order to achieve this, Oslo is depending on inhabitants and businesses to take their share of responsibility.

In April 2019, #ELSKEDEBY is launched as a unique cooperation between Ragn-Sells, Bring and KLP. The goal is to reduce the overall number of transports inside the city center by cooperating on delivery of goods and waste collection using zero-emission vehicles.

Elskede By is operating out from a joint hub in KLPs facilities centrally located in Oslo. The cooperation will develop into a co-loading concept with customized electric vehicles to transport to and from centrally located hubs around the city. The goal is to reduce Co2 emissions from these transports with 70% within 2023.

Building their own vehicle

Paxster XL is a new concept vehicle that is being developed by Paxster in a cooperation with Elskede By. The goal is to maximize the available cargo space, without compromising on the inherent benefits of the vehicles’ small footprint and narrow platform that makes it so great in urban last-mile operations.

Elskede By Oslo is the first customer of Paxster XL, providing valuable feedback to guide the further development of the vehicle specifications.

Stig Tvergrov from ElskedeBy: “it is interesting to see how a small vehicle such as PaxsterXL provides excellent ability to navigate in a hectic city environment. It is also very easy to park compared to traditional LCVs and overall it works great in our application.”

The vehicle is currently operating on a route to distribute parcels and collect waste from customers around Oslo city center. Parcels are packaged and distributed from the same hub that received waste from its return runs.

New Ways

#ElskedeBy is also taking part in a joint project between the Directorate of Public Roads, the City of Oslo, DHL Express Norway and Paxster to find new ways of improving inner-city deliveries using new technology. The Paxster XL is equipped with Paxster Connect that allows for advanced geofencing functionality. In this project, certain pedestrian zones receive exemptions for vehicles using geofencing, allowing them to perform goods delivery in a safe manner. Through the Paxster Connect system, the vehicle automatically reduces top-speed to walking-speed when it enters pre-defined zones. Read more about GeofencePLUS here.