To Bolt, there were several factors to take into account when choosing a vehicle for their battery swap operations. A vehicle that should make battery changes quick, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Not only did they choose a vehicle that was sustainable in itself, but they chose the Paxster 2ndDrive. Vehicles that, instead of being scrapped after a few years on the road, have been bought back, taken apart, and then rebuilt into good-as-new vehicles. Thus, they made a huge environmental statement.

apent skap bolt paxster


We visited Bolt a few months after they got their new vehicles. Jose Rei, Country Manager at Bolt, was happy to share some feedback. “We are a data-driven company, and our daily operations are based on performative and efficiency-based KPIs. That is, on a given day we have x number of vehicles to maintain, collect, swap, deploy and comply with local regulations. We need to source the smartest, greenest, and most efficient solutions to deliver the most reliable micro-mobility service in Norway and globally. This applies to the 14 cities we operate today in Norway and in more than 200 cities globally”, Rei said. 

"Now we're changing 200 batteries a day, that was not possible with a bigger car.


They were looking at operational efficiency in city centers and needed solutions that allow them to swap a larger number of batteries per hour. At the same time a vehicle that facilitates their drivers’ daily work, meaning a vehicle that is easy to maneuver, easy to park, safe to use, with a considerable operational range, and of course, sustainable. “At Bolt, we aim to only use sustainable vehicles in our daily operations. We moved away from fossil-based fuels.”

The Paxster is a cost-effective solution when compared with similar options in the market. And … it is made in Norway!»

bolt using paxster for battery swap


To Jose and his team at Bolt, it is important that their vendors and partners deliver what they promise and are reliable partners that they can count on in face of the challenging fleet management business. Jose is telling us that they really appreciate the great after-sales support team that Paxster is offering, and that support was taken into consideration in the buying process.

bolt sjåfør elsparkesykler paxster


“The feedback we get from our drivers is that the vehicles are safe, fun, and easy to maneuver”, Rei shares with enthusiasm. He is experiencing that the product is good and reliable. It is appreciated in the cityscape because of its small footprint and almost silent operations. Also, he is mentioning that the Paxster is very noticeable when driven downtown. The Paxster is perfect for branding. “Our drivers love to drive the Paxster”, Rei smiles.


At Paxster we have started a brand new refurbishment center where we are taking used vehicles and re-manufacture them, transforming them into “as-good-as-new” Paxsters, using a mix of refurbished and new parts. 

The rejuvenated vehicles meet up-to-date safety, reliability, and appearance standards, are fitted with the latest connectivity features, and are backed by a solid pan-European warranty.

If you are in the market for a Paxster, but don’t have the budget to buy a brand-new vehicle, 2ndDrive is a perfect choice. In addition, it is a strong demonstration of your sustainable awareness. We are re-using more than 90% of the vehicle.

Choose from our stock of pre-configured vehicles or configure your own, just like a new one.


All vehicles are upgraded and re-built to the latest technical specifications, performance- and appearance standards.

  • Top speed: 45km/h
  • Seating position: Center
  • Delivery: Total of 1000L
  • Cargo: Total of 1250L
  • Payload: 240 kg

Battery & Range

  • Battery type: Fixed
  • Chemistry: LiFePo4
  • Voltage: 48V
  • Battery options: 8.1 or 9.2 kWh*
  • 8.1 kWh Battery range: 85km when new
  • 9.2 kWh Battery range: 100km when new
  • Battery protection: BMS


  • Charger: Separate charger. Can be wall mounted. 
  • Voltage: 10-230V
  • Max power draw: 6A @ 230V
  • Charging time: 5-10 hrs
  • Outdoor charging: Yes
  • Below zero charging: Integrated battery heater

*Batteries are reconditioned and released for production only if they pass thorough inspections and have a minimum state-of-health @ 80% or more. Since we reuse the original batteries, availability may impact lead-time. Each vehicle is supplied with its own unique test certificate.

  • Motor: 3-phase PMAC
  • Maximum power: 6kW
  • Torque: 380Nm
  • Energy consumption: 80-110 Wh/km
  • Transmission: Fixed reduction gear 1:10
  • Differential: Open
  • Final transmission type: Splined shaft
  • Hill-starting ability at max load: 18%
  • Maximum noise: 65dB
  • Regenerative brake: Active on lever activation and Passive on throttle pull-back
  • Front: Right-hand side lever, hydraulic disc brake with sinter pads
  • Rear: Left-hand side lever, hydraulic disc brake with sinter pads
  • Fluid: 4 +
  • Park brake: Mechanical, manual
  • Secondary park brake: Hydraulic, thumb lever activated

Note that new vehicles offer automatic parking brake features and have a different pedal-operated brake system.

  • Driven axles: Rear wheel drive
  • Wheel dimension: 145 or 155/70 R13

Vehicles are normally sold with the same tires as when received, subject to passing our quality control. As standard we sell vehicles on steel rims.

Customers can upgrade their order with new summer and/or winter tires (with or without stud) and aluminum rims.

  • Steering type: Ackermann-design
  • Steering input: Handlebar
  • Minimum turning radius: 3.2 meters
  • Front suspension: Dual A-arm w. coil-over shock absorbers
  • Rear suspension: Trailing-arm design w. coil-over shock absorbers

All systems are carefully refurbished, upgraded with new components and repainted for maximum life expectancy.

  • Headlamps: LED
  • Taillamps: LED

Several additional lighting accessories are available. See the accessories section for more information.

  • Standard color: Solid White – RAL9003
  • Material: UV resistant ABS plastic

During the upgrade process, we install new body and floor panels for a perfect finish. Be advised that we re-use the windscreen and some smaller surface panels inside the cabin. Some natural wear must be expected. 

  • Chassis: Steel
  • Corrosion treatment: Zink-manganese
  • Paint: Powder-coat, black

During manufacturing, we strip the chassis and remove old paint to check for wear. Each chassis is then re-painted and receives a new anti-corrosion treatment.

Cab / Comfort

  • De-icer type: Laminated, integrated into windscreen
  • Heated grips: Optional
  • Adjustable saddle seat: Standard
  • Sunscreen: Standard
  • Windscreen wiper and washer:
  • Washer tank volume:1 liter
  • Drive mode selector: Winter / Eco / Power
  • AUX power: 12V / 5A
  • Speedometer: kmh/mph

Safety & security:

  • Seat belt type: 3-point
  • Immobilizer switch on seat: Activates parking brake
  • Hazzard lights: Standard
  • Horn: Standard
  • Reverse buzzer: Standard
  • Electric lock on cargo box: Optional
  • Electric lock on front loader: Optional
  • Rearview camera: Optional
  • Remote ignition/lock key-fob: Optional

Be advised that vehicles manufactured between 2015 and 2019 don’t have seat belts as standard. Paxster can retro-fit seat belts for an additional cost.


  • Heated grips: The grips are manufactured by one of the leading, premium hot grip makers, Oxford.
  • Wool seat cover: Fully fashioned seat cover made of 100% wool for optimal ride comfort during winter. The seat cover is easy to take on/off and is machine washable.
  • Wind deflectors: Spoilers along each side of the windscreen guide wind streams away from the driver compartment.
  • Reverse camera: When pushing the reverse button, the 7″ monitor will instantly provide you with a high-definition, 170-degree wide-angle overview of what’s behind your vehicle.
  • Key-less: Forget about manual keys. With the push of a button, you control ignition and door locks around the vehicle. This significantly increases security and makes operating the vehicle easier.
  • Interior light: Shine a light on any cargo stored in the front section of the Paxster with our roof-mounted cabin lamp.
  • Cargo box light: Creates a pleasant and practical illumination of the rear box. Turns on/off according to the door position.

Vehicles manufactured before 2019 were manufactured without safety seatbelts. Depending on what models vehicles we have in stock, this can be retro-fitted at an additional fee. Ask us about what vehicles we currently have in stock.

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