Reversing Camera

When pushing the reverse button, the 7″ monitor will instantly provide you with a high-definition, 170-degree wide-angle overview of what’s behind your vehicle. 

Remote Control

Forget about manual keys. With the push of a button, you control ignition and door locks around the vehicle. This significantly increases security and makes operating the vehicle easier.


Oxford Heated Grips

One of the most beloved accessories by our customers and nearly every Paxster is sold with heated grips. The grips are manufactured by one of the leading, premium hot grip makers, Oxford. Together we have developed a version that is suitable for 6-8 hours of use every day!

Seat cover

Fully fashioned seat cover made of 100% wool for optimal ride comfort during winter. The seat cover is easy to take on/off and is machine washable. 

Comfort Lever

For drivers with smaller hands, the comfort lever is an excellent upgrade. It has a significantly lower offset from the handlebar and makes operating more ergonomic. 

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