DHL Express

DHL Express (Norway): The world’s leading logistics company with more than 98.000 vehicles and a global reach is now testing Paxster Cargo for distribution of small-medium size parcels in Oslo. Paxster is proud to work with DHL Express on a project aimed at finding better solutions for inner-city distribution and reduced environmental footprint.

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DHL Express is a global leader in logistics, delivering more than 1,502,000,000 parcels per year across the world. With a history of innovation, they have been revolutionizing, shaping, and simplifying the world of logistics for many years. Working with DHL Express offers unique insight and valuable feedback in terms of developing our products and services towards an industry experiencing significant growth, but also significant challenges.


Oslo: Norway’s capital and the European Green Capital in 2019. And like many cities around the world, they have a pronounced strategy of reducing the number of cars in the city center in order to reduce transport emissions. While being a positive and necessary initiative, it also presents new challenges to companies such as DHL Express.

DHL Express Norway encountered Paxster as part of their search for a vehicle to perform efficient delivery of small and medium-sized parcels in the inner-city landscape. The company already had experience with power-assisted cargo-bikes which were expected to have a great advantage in terms of efficiency since they can ride on footpaths and inside pedestrian zones. Demonstrating their will to find new and efficient ways, DHL set out to compare cargo-bikes with Paxsters.

Results from the test showed that the answer is not all black-and-white. DHL and Paxster found that cargo-bikes enjoyed high efficiency in certain segments of their delivery run, but when moving between delivery points they tend to continue to stay on footpaths and pedestrian zones and do not venture onto busy motor roads due to limited top speed. This heavily impacts overall efficiency since they are often forced to choose the long way around and wait to pass crosswalks, presenting a disadvantage that seems to outweigh the advantage of traveling inside pedestrian sones.

“According to OPS Manager at DHL Express Norway, Jørn Kveseth, Paxster is a cost-efficient tool compared to other options when scaling up the test”.

New Ways

The test is run from a DHL yellow, fresh, 20feet container inside the city center. The container currently holds one Paxster Cargo and two cargo-bikes that operate in the vicinity. A trailer arrives from the sorting center and goods are efficiently transferred to the distribution vehicles for immediate delivery.

According to the Delivery Agent, the Paxster makes a great place to work. If feels safe to ride, it is ergonomic and blends in well with the public inside inner cities.

In addition, DHL Express Norway is taking part in a joint project between the Road Authorities, the City of Oslo, #ElskedeBy and Paxster to find new ways of improving inner-city deliveries using new technology. Read more about GeofencePLUS here.