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Paxster combines ruggedness and industry knowledge with state-of-the-art technology to help you work smarter. The Paxster platform is all about maximizing the load capacity - making it efficient and ergonomic, without taking up a large footprint. Available in two versions, Delivery 1000L and Cargo 1250L, both with a load-carrying capacity of 240kg.


Brilliant design.

Our philosophy is that good design should engange you with all the great features of the vehicle in a way that allows you reach your end goal effortlessly. We call it “fit for purpose”, and it has been discovered by numerous customers allready. Having that said, its unique and awarded design makes it an eye-catching image builder as well. 

Click below to read about design features, loading capacities and more. 

At a glance:

Benefits with Paxster


With our latest version, you can cut costs above merely switching to a traditional EV. And our new platform requires minimal maintenance and attention while having become extremely reliable and durable.


Zero emissions. Zero noise. Best in class power consumption of only 80wh/km, that is less than half of a light electric van. And manufactured in Norway with clean energy. It doesn't get any better.


It is no longer a statement, but a tested and verified truth. Our customers save between 15 % - 40 % of their time when switching to the purpose-built Paxster in the last-mile. That is why we are still here. Let us help you achieve the same!


Our drivers love their vehicles, just ask them! And so does the public. Our models are built with the working human in mind to reduce strains, un-ergonomic movements, and unnecessary tasks. And designed to catch people's attention.

Models from Paxster

Delivery 1000L

  • Length: 2290mm
  • Width: 1180mm
  • Height: 1860mm
  • Wheelbase: 1530mm
  • Track width: 940mm
  • Loading area front: 0,59m2
  • Loading area rear: 0,68m2
  • Front capacity: 150-250L
  • Rear capacity: 710L
  • Maximum payload: 240kg

Cargo 1250L

  • Length: 2365mm
  • Width: 1180mm
  • Height: 1860mm
  • Wheelbase: 1530mm
  • Track width: 940mm
  • Loading area front: 0,59m2
  • Loading area rear: 0,68m2
  • Front capacity: 150-250L
  • Rear capacity: 950L
  • Maximum payload: 240kg

RAnge and charging

Choose from three different batteries.

Standard Range

Realistic range of 50km in city driving.

Extended Range

Realistic range of 85km in city driving.

Long Range

Realistic range of 100km in city driving.

Batteries and Charging

Good to grid

The on-board charger only pulls 1200w at peak. This eliminates the need for costly wall box installations.


Worry-free charging from domestic sockets or via Type-2 plugs without suffering from 20hr+ charging times.

charge time

Wake up every morning knowing your Paxster is fully charged. Charging from 0-100% in less than 10 hours.

electricity costs

Class-leading power consumption of less than 90wh/km gives Paxster an advantage over other EVs available. It also makes your business more sustainable.

features and services:

Highlights of our products and services.

Paxster takes your safety, TCO and comfort seriously. We offer a range of standard features and accessories aimed at creating a safer and more ergonomic workplace environment. Learn more by clicking on the link below. 

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Service & Assistance

Service & Maintenance

Having your Paxster serviced should be as effortless as working with one. Our service network (EU) ensures assistance is always within reach. We work hard to minimize your inconvenience. 


Paxster’s warranty covers repairs to or replacements of faulty components, and rust caused by manufacturing defects. The battery pack is also covered. Read on for full details.

Connected Services

Access your vehicle or fleet of vehicles via mobile apps or web interface, get important notifications, receive remote diagnostics, use geofencing, and much more. Take advantage of the data you generate.  

Great accessories & customizations

Give your vehicle added functionality, boost street appeal or increase the comfort level of your next Paxster using original accessory products with our quality seal. We gurantee that all accessories are tested and approved with your specific model 

Frequently Asked Questions

We have established distribution of our vehicles in the following countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • Norway
  • Sweeden
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Netherland

Outside these countries, we support larger fleet accounts. 

All our models are street legal in EU. 

  1. Configure your ideal model in our CONFIGURATOR.
  2. Request a non-binding quote for your configuration. 
  3. Discuss your offer with a sales representative from Paxster
  4. Handover. Lean back and wait for your vehicle to arrive. 


Note: If you indicate a fleet purchase in the configurator, a Fleets-department representative will get in touch with you.

Please consult our vehicle configurator for correct and up-to-date pricing in your country.

To book a test-drive, go HERE and submit the “Request a test drive” form.

All models are manufactured at our Norwegian plant located in Sarpsborg – about 1hr south of Oslo. 

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