Our values are what makes us unique, drive our culture and govern everything we do. As our company continues to evolve and grow, these three values remains constant.

Our values

Paxster is a RESPONSIBLE organization. We can be trusted. We are predictible to our customers, suppliers and partners. We follow laws and regulations where we are. We take responsibility for our obligations in regard to business, society and other stakeholders. 

Paxster is a PASSIONATE organization. We have room for discussion but at the same time, respect for each other. We are passionate about what we are doing – with the company we work in, our products and the people we work with. We are willing to go the extra mile to create results together. 

Paxster is a PROFESSIONAL organization. We do what we say. We act neatly and clearly. We are prepeared and work systematically. When we have a plan – we follow it. We behave professional towards colleagues, partners and competitors.