We are a Norwegian vehicle manufacturer owned by industrial group Hans Torgersen & Sønn, HTS. The company was formed in 2015, but the Paxster project was born already in 2009 in sister company Loyds Industri AS. We are perhaps best known for our unique looking EVs tailor-made for post, parcel, and newspaper delivery. Since 2019, we have also expanded into food & retail, intra-logistics, and public sector services. Our vehicles are present in more than 20 countries worldwide and trusted by industry-leading customers.

At Paxster, we are passionate about future mobility solutions for urban and suburban environments, and our aim is to deliver new state-of-the-art mobility solutions and address urban transportation challenges. In a world characterized by digitization, booming ecommerce and increasing demands toward sustainability, we are using technology, innovation and a collaborative approach to improve the way people and goods move.

1. Business Solutions

Paxster is contributing to building future sustainable urban logistics with all-electric emission-free vehicles, industry-tailored solutions and fleet management tools. The pressure to develop mobility solutions in urban areas is growing due to air quality and congestion issues, population increases and the rise in local deliveries mainly contributed to by online sales.

2. City Solutions

With an increasing population concentrated in cities, mobility has become increasingly complex with rising congestion, pollution, and traffic restrictions. Paxster is exploring innovative ways to contribute towards a solution to these logistical challenges. 

Contact and Locations

The recent pandemic have accellerated an allready prominent trend; consumers download apps for groceries, meals and retail goods. In response, local stores, restaurants, supermarkets and cafes offer home delivery with increasingly lead times. The sector is characterised by a competitive pressure, ever changing consumer wishes, and a need to become more flexible and work economically. 


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