Motivated by the benefits inherent to our vehicles, the City of Tønsberg, Section for Park and Control was the first park and control customers to put the Paxster into their operations. We paid them a visit 1 year after delivery to learn more about their motivation and experience. 

Environmental perofrmance

In order to prevent air pollution – individual traffic with motor vehicles is becoming increasingly restricted in city centers and urban areas around the world. While the city center of Tønsberg is not yet restricted, Tønsberg Parking takes a stand when it comes to their environmental footprint by implementing Paxster, and eliminating fossil fuel-powered cars. 

"Beeing in the city center all day, it is important that we do our part considering the environment, says Head of Division, Erik Lund".

Paxster applies a highly efficient drivetrain, keeping the energy consumption to an absolute minimum. Per kilometer, the consumption is only 90Wh/km. In addtion, the Paxster also creates far less traffic, noise pollution and traffic-dust. 


Beeing tailor-made for last-mile operations in high- and medium density areas, the Paxster is designed to allow drivers quick and ergonomic entry/exit of the cabin. Going in and out of the vehicle several times per day is also a key element of Tønsberg Parking operations. The vehicle is both agile and easy to operate in city areas. With a narrow turning radius of only 1.75meters, it makes navigating tight parking spaces a breeze. 

The Paxster also offers great protection against the elements without sacrificing efficiency and works just as good during snowy winters as hot summers. 

According to Lund, the Paxster is also offering new opportunities for on-site inspections. The plan is to install a camera with number plate recognition (ANPR) software to simplify inspections. 

The vehicles were also delivered with automatic warning lamps, that activates when the Parking Agent have halted the vehicle and left the seat.