The Paxster Cargo-edition is based on our Original platform that is beeing released in version 2.2. for this year. And with the new platform version comes several longed-for upgrades. Be sure to familirize with all the news. 

With the Cargo-edition, we launch a new, large cargo box with 1000L volume, making the total volume including the front loader reach 1250L. With the new cargo box, also comes several new improvements such as electric locks, 270degree door opening, improved security and much more. 

For more inspiration, read about Amedia or DHL who are allready using the Paxster Cargo-edition. 

Quick facts:

Volume: 1250 liter

Payload: 240 kg

Range: 100+ km

Top speed: 60km/h


More about the Cargo-edition:

The ORIGINAL platform v.2.2.

Productive cargo management

The way we design our cargo-management solutions is key to how we obtain productivity. 

Paxster standard benefits

Batteries and Charging

With our range of high-performance batteries and easy charging requirements, implementing Paxsters to your fleet is easy

Technical Specifications

Download our 4-page detailed technical specifications PDF to learn even more about the product.

Popular accessories

LED Headlights

High-performance LED headlights significantly improve ride comfort and safety.

Reversing camera

A 7″ HD-monitor provide a 170 degree wide angle overview of whats behind your vehicle. 

Remote control

With the push of a button, you control ignition and door locks around the vehicle. 


One of the most beloved accessories by our customers, and nearly every Paxster is sold with heated grips.