Cargo management

Most last-mile companies have very repetitive work-patterns. And contrary to most off-the-shelf vans and alternative vehicles, our vehicles are designed around that repetitive process, making it more ergonomic and productive. 

Cargo-edition Box

The heart and soul of your next last-mile machine. 

Our Cargo-model features a 1000L, re-designed cargo box packed with new features such as interior ligths, electric door locks, adjustible shelves and increased security. 

Following feedback from our customers, the doors now open all the way around (270degrees) and are kept in position by a strong magnet. 

Delivery-edition Box

The heart and soul of your next last-mile machine. 

Our Delivery-model features a 750L storage box and comes with a wide range of pre-designed layouts and configurations. Or customize your own. 

The box is made from light-wight aluminum panels to optimize vehicle weight. The doors have a 50/50 configuration and 180degree optning. 

Front Loader - 150/200L

When designing a product for last-mile operations, it’s all about increasing efficiency.

With our unique frontloader system, customers save significant amounts of time on each stop throughout the day. Depending on the chosen layout, this ads between 150-250l to your total volume. 

The front loader area can be customized to your exact needs, or select from our standard range of tray and magazine racks.

Parcel Locker 150L

The ParcelLocker is a unit specifically designed for customers carrying valuable parcels and needs increased protection.

The box provides 150L of secure storage in rigid steel construction, with an electronic locking system. Open the door using only one hand.

Automatic lights inside and a door-left-open alarm.

Bulk Box

Opt for the Bulk Box to increase cargo space. Keep in mind that it usually is not needed, and will block one exit side. 

The Bulk Box is compatible with standard newspaper dimensions and have a removeable shelf inside. 

It is covered with a canvas and zipper solution to keep goods dry and protected from the environment.

The rack is easy to remove if not needed.