Does the Paxster have enough payload for postal distribution?

The Paxster is 100% tailor-made for post distribution. It may look small, but those who give it a try are surprised by its actual capacity. With a loading volume of 1250L and payload of 240 kg, it turns out that there is more than enough space in a Paxster Cargo compared to what a postie are able to deliver during a workday.
paxster full av post

No need to refill during the day

Several of our post- and newspaper distribution customers, confirmes that there is very rare that they need to refill the Paxster during the day. Many postal services tend to future proof against uncertain volumes and product composition by purchasing vehicles with high volume capacities (2 to 4 m3), such as vans or van-like alternatives. With a 240 kg payload and a flexible shelving system, the Cargo is a great alternative to vans in many cases.

“You can actually crab your next letter on the way out of the vehicle from the front area, that’s one of the things that makes Paxster incredible efficient and time saving

Helge Brudeli, Head of Innovation at Paxster AS
In a Cargo the loading capacity in the back is 950L and 200 kg and the loading capacity in the front is 250L and 40 kg.

The Paxster doesn’t fit it all

The future is all-electric, there is no doubt about that. For postal companies, the key might be to find a good mix of vehicles in the fleet to be able to cover both profitability and sustainability needs. Vans and lockers will definitely be a part of the fleet in the future. But still, there will be room for micro-vehicles in that mix. It is not necessarily a van that is the solution on all routes because it has a larger volume capacity. It is also limited how much time the postman has when it comes to working hours. It’s therefore largely a matter of maximizing the effect of load volume vs working time. The vehicle should serve as a tool, rather than just transportation.

Paxster XL – same vehicle, larger payload

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