Confidence to go everywhere!

Batteries to fit your exact need!

Choose from our range of high-energy batteries, with capacities up to 9.2kWh. We only state realistic ranges that you can expect from the vehicle under common opertation conditions, including winter temperatures. With our batteries, you will have confidence to go further! 

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Charging infrastructure

Do you know the difference between your average coffee-maker and Paxster? Obviously, there are many and in the video you can see one that you perhaps did not expect. 

Our customers typically have a very fixed use of their vehicles. So why spend more than you need on charging infrastructure? Paxster is good to the grid. 

Charging your Paxster(s)

You have several options for charging your Paxster, or fleet of Paxster. Whether you are back at the office/depot or out driving and need some extra power, choose between different options. With Paxster, you avoid extra costly investments in charing infrastructure that would be required for electric cars. 

By default, your Paxster is charged from a regular wall socket (120-240v) using the standard Type 1 charging cable. 

It is possible to charge your Paxster on public charging stations using a Type 1 –> Type 2 adapter. 

Depends on selected battery size. Example: From 20% to 100% charge in 15 degrees celcius with our 8.1 kWh battery is between 8-9 hours.

For most customers, charging over-night is sufficient. 

Our batteries are built for the nordic climate. The charger communicates with the battery management system, and activates battery heating to ensure optimal health is maintained.

Since the charger is onboard, you dont need to invest in costly wallbox installations. Charge directly from the mains-socket. 

Good to the grid. The charger only pulls 1200watt from your 230v mains. Slighly more than your coffee-maker. 

Our advanced BMS system monitors the battery, the carger and the charging process. If anything unusual takes place, it automatically stops charging to prevent damage to the battery.

A safe and reliable power source

Paxster uses only high-quality prismatic lithium iron phosphate batteries - the safest type. Each cell is carefully monitored in all phases by an advanced BMS, ensuring optimal working conditions to maximize life expectancy. All our batteries feature integrated heating that is automatically controlled by the BMS.

Did you know that most Paxsters are delivered with the 8.2 kWh battery pack? On average our customers only need 25-40% of that to cover their delivery run. That is less then the energy contained in 1L of diesel (10.5 kWh).

Fun-fact: Why not use the additional energy to help out a fellow EV driver? If you select our power-outlet option, you will get 230v 3kW accessible from a power socket located at the cargo box wall.