Amedia buys 300 vehicles

Amedia is switching to a greener and more efficient delivery of newspaper and parcels in cities around Norway. From Q1 to Q3 2021, Paxster is set to deliver 300 Cargo models, task-built for the job at hand.

The transition to Paxster vehicles will cover about 40% of the Amedia distribution network that has more than 1000 routes. The vehicle will be used primarily in cities and suburban areas across the country, and make up the most important initiative in terms of reaching their goal of “greening” a minimum of 50% of their transport and distribution operations prior to 2025. Among the first cities to convert is Fredrikstad, Askim, Sarpsborg, Halden, Gjøvik and Tønsberg. 

Among other products, Amedia delivers the corporations 73 local newspapers, other newspapers and magazines, parcels and fresh breakfast products being ordered from the web Together with Norwegian media corporations Schibsted and Polaris, Amedia is also responsible for the nation-wide distribution network Helthjem (“All the way home”). Through this cooperation, they collectively employ 5000 delivery agents and visits 2.2 million households every day.

“This is a significant investment. We have tested 25 vehicles over the past year, and we are very pleased with how they perform. We will now use this knowledge to implement a green shift throughout our operations, and the Helthjem network says CEO Ingar Merli from Amedia Distribusjon”. 

“This extensive transition to eco-friendly distribution of newspapers and parcels puts us at the forefront of all competing companies in Norway, says Merli. Paxster is one of several important changes made as part of our strategy on how to meet the future”. 

COO in Amedia Distribution, Jon Isnes-Helland explains Amedia is completely reconfiguring its operational model. It is a new organization, new work plans and new locations. We improve our environmental performance, while simultaneously becoming more efficient, more profitable, and creating a more attractive workplace.

In Paxster we are proud to have been chosen as a supplier of distribution tools to Amedia. Paxster have supported the project together with the Amedia project group since the early phases, providing support on-demand relating to maintenance routines, user training, performance logging, optimization of delivery-center layouts, technical support, physical preparation on delivery centers and more. In addition, Paxster will assist in optimizing the way the vehicles are used, by following drivers on-route, to ensure full potential is reached.

Paxster is very pleased to be allowed to work closely together with a professional project group. It has been a fruitful and educational process for both parties, says CEO in Paxster, Lasse Hansen