Winter 2019/20: Amedia wants to reduce the environmental impact from their last-mile operations. The corporation is now launching a large-scale winter-test using 25 Paxster Cargo’s to measure productivity and environmental gains of a large-scale implementation. Paxster is taking part in the project too. 


Amedia Distribusjon will test 25 Paxster Cargo models on 20 delivery routes in the city of Fredrikstad and another 5 in other cities of Norway over the coming months, with the test set to be concluded in June 2020.

Amedia has really committed to taking a near scientific approach in terms of optimizing their delivery model, using measurements and facts to guide all aspects of the project. But the project is not only about modernizing a fleet of vehicles to reduce carbon footprint. In order to harvest all benefits, they evaluate all aspects of their operations, including sorting, standardized goods carriers, pre-packaging, flow of goods, hub layouts and best practices as new opportunities are opened up with Paxster.

A large project group with representatives spanning all the way from sorting centers, transport, delivery hubs, HSE and managers are set to provide the test period with the support, needed to get commitment through the organization as well as obtaining solid knowledge before any decision is made. From Paxster side, we have put significant resources into developing a vehicle that is environmentally friendly while at the same time fulfilling last-mile organizations requirements towards efficiency, economy, ergonomics and delivery precision. In that sense, we are very positive towards Amedia really putting the concept to test.

Helthjem delivering goods safely and reliably during the period of Corona-outbreak.

Post, newspapers, parcels, food and more!

Among other products, Amedia delivers the corporations 73 local newspapers, other newspapers and magazines, parcels and fresh breakfast products being ordered from the web Together with Norwegian media corporations Schibsted and Polaris, Amedia is also responsible for the nation-wide distribution network Helthjem (“All the way home”). Through this cooperation, they collectively employ 5000 delivery agents and visits 2.2 million households every day.

Paxsters contribution

Paxster was asked to support the project together with the Amedia project group. In the period leading up to, and during the test, Paxster has provided support on-demand relating to maintenance routines, user training, performance logging, adaption of delivery-center layouts, technical support, physical preparation on delivery centers and more. In addition, Paxster will assist in optimizing the way the vehicles are used, by following drivers on-route, to ensure full potential is reached.

Paxster is very pleased to be allowed to work closely together with a professional project group.