7 Common Assumptions That Are Wrong

Myth #1

It’s quite pricey for this type of vehicle!

Paxster is designed to operate 8-12hr shifts, 7 days per week, year-round for the most demanding business customers. Customers expect low operating costs and excellent operational reliability. That is why we choose parts and solutions that result in great build quality and low service needs.

We also like to ask the following question back; “Are € 12 to 15K for a vehicle that replaces your van than much?”. It performs the same job, but better. To the best of our knowledge, Paxster is one of the best offers taking productivity, range, boot-space and price into account.

If you want to go electric and have sufficient range for most city applications, Paxster will give you great value.

Myth #2

My driver(s) will not change from a car/van to Paxster.

Skepticism towards change is not a new phenomenon, especially when the change is perceived as something negative.

Many companies easily identify the economic and environmental benefits of changing to a task-specific vehicle like Paxster but struggle with internal skepticism from the drivers who will use them. This uncertainty is often based on poorly informed assumptions from a first impression. We also experience highly valid reasons too, and we believe that this uncertainty should be respected, but it should not always be synonymous with avoiding the change that makes sense for your business or department.

Paxster only promotes its products to industries and applications where the specific vehicle design is aligned with the operators’ daily workflow. This is our DNA.  That means that our vehicle is not just a people and goods transporter, but more importantly a valuable tool used to get the job done. And as with most tools, productivity, ergonomics, and return-on-investment are key metrics of success.

Our experience is that almost all Paxster drivers discover this after a couple of weeks of using the vehicle. Then what happens?

They don’t want to return to their car or van, and love their new vehicle. It takes a motivated and convinced manager to begin with. We are happy to share our knowledge with you.

Myth #3

It looks cold. It can’t possibly be a good solution during winter.

We hear this a lot, and the short and easy answer is; “Yes, it actually works really well”.

If you have a job that requires moving between different stops, and you are in-and-out of the vehicle several times per day, dressing appropriately is key. Paxster has been working with this for a long time, and are happy to share best practices with you and your team.  With proper clothing, you will remain nice and warm, and you avoid the large temperature fluctuations between a warm cabin and the cold outdoor climate. Many of our customers are experiencing a significant drop in sick-leaves (more than 15% traced back to Paxster).

We also offer accessories loved by customers working in cold climates:

•             Heated windshield (laminated)

•             Heated grips

•             100% Wool seat covers

•             Wind deflectors to guide wind away from the cabin.

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Myth #4

With a top speed of 60kmh, it’s too slow

Paxster is primarily designed to operate in cities and local communities, where speed limits rarely are higher than 60km/h.

Due to the vehicle’s quick acceleration and small footprint, most customers tell us that they have no problem keeping up with busy traffic. In fact, in most urban or suburban areas, it is far quicker from A-B than a regular car or van.

Paster has more than 2000 vehicles running and the majority is limited to 45km/h. Our customers confirm that it is still more efficient in traffic than your standard car. What may surprise many is that several customers have also found that it outcompetes cargo bikes and trikes too (DHL Express).

If you are in doubt, why not challenge us and opt for a test-drive?

Myth #5

It has only one seat. That is not enough.

We could have designed the vehicle with more seating positions. But in line with our strategy, we design our vehicles for specific applications. And as a tool, two or more seats would currently take away many of the all-important benefits with Paxster in its current applications.

During the pandemic, we have experienced increased demand for one-seat vehicles. Many companies are updating their policies to avoid colleagues driving together. Then it might be good to know that Paxster is in a price range that makes it a reasonable choice.

Myth #6

It can’t Possibly work in winter conditions

If you have ever eye-balled the comment section in stories where Paxster is mentioned, this seems to be the biggest uncertainty to those not familiar with the vehicle.

And in reality, it is quite the opposite. The vehicle is built for reliable year-round operation in Norway. That is why they are supplied with excellent winter tires (studded or studless) that provide great traction during all conditions. High load above the rear wheels (rear-wheel drive) further improves its ideal winter capabilities.

Many of our customers begin their workday before the snow has been removed, or under icy or snowy conditions. You can find Paxsters operating from Greenland and north of Norway to the Austrian Alps. And all customers let us know about excellent driving characteristics during winter conditions.


Myth #7

It tips over very easily.

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